Motorola extends Moto 360 contest until tomorrow, 20 new smartwatches up for grabs


Motorola Yo contest

After the unfortunate wording in Motorola’s Moto 360 contest confused participants, Motorola is looking to do fans a solid by extending their contest until tomorrow. Up for grabs is another 20 Motorola Moto 360 smartwatches, all you have to do is add “Motorola” on Yo, then send them a message to enter.

Just like last time, the first 20 people to successfully complete the registration form after receiving a Yo reply from Motorola will take home a lovely Moto 360 smartwatch.

And just so we’re all crystal clear on how the contest works:

  1. Download/install Yo from the Google Play Store
  2. Set up an account
  3. Add “Motorola”
  4. Send Motorola a Yo
  5. Receive Yo from Motorola and click supplied link
  6. Be 1 of the first 20 people to successfully complete registration form and win a Moto 360.

For everyone that sent Motorola a Yo yesterday/today, Motorola says you’re already entered. The contest ends tomorrow at 11AM CT so hop to it. For additional rules, regulations, terms, and conditions, check out Motorola’s official rules page here. Good luck!


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  1. Bah. Now I have to reinstall that worthless app.

    1. Yo

      1. Hodor

        1. Yodor

          1. Haha. I love you Rob.

    2. Just got the Yo and got the “closed” page immediately 12:04PM EST

  2. Hell Yo! I am Yot Yoing Yo Yownload that again!!

  3. Does it work now?

      1. Doesn’t work with ad blockers

        1. Hah. You’re right.

          I fired up adb logcat and saw this:

          W/System.err(16160): i/o failure: org.apache.http.conn.HttpHostConnectException: Connection to refused
          W/System.err(16160): at com.parse.ap.a(HackersProtected:245)

          All I had to do was add “*” to my AdAway whitelist, and now the retarded Yo app allows me to signup.

          (Yo earned a ton of 1-star reviews because of this. They should probably fail more gracefully when adblockers are present)

          HTH others.

  4. how do you know if you sent a yo. I think I did lol. it says motorola on the default page now

    1. Click ‘Motorola’ should see ‘Yo sent’

      1. oh yea. well it says “sent yo”

  5. app is one of the most useless, dumbest things I have seen

  6. US timezone calculation: 1pm est (noon)

  7. I’ve set three reminders within the hour of the sending…. One at 11:00 AM, one at 11:50 AM, and one at 11:58 AM. Good luck everyone!

    1. I just came back to say that… Official rules day contest ends at 12cst

      1. They posted it wrong on here? So it’s at 1:00PM EST then?

        Or is CT not CST :P

        1. You are correct… 1pm est according to official rules link above… And Android centrals post.

  8. Yelp app does not work. Will not let you create an account and sign in.

    1. Add “*” to your AdAway whitelist and then it’ll work.

  9. US only, maybe those of us not in the US will bear this in mind when purchasing, especially now LG is in the frame and has no bar at the bottom.

  10. Can’t wait for the sequel to yo: gurt.

  11. It would be nice if Motorola used an app that actually works with adblockers. Still can’t sign up. Looks like i will be getting the LG Watch R. Screw Motorola

  12. What sucks is that it isn’t really a fair shot since not everyone will get the “yo” response from Moto at the same time. It basically comes down to who’s phone the server hits up first and who has the shortest email :/ Better methods should’ve been used for this contest *sighs as he still reinstalls YO*

    1. Just got suckered into this *%&^ twice -_- Quit being stupid moto and do a dang Rafflecopter like EVERY other reputable company and cut this stupid “Yo” fiasco out *end rant*

    2. this is exactly right. thousands of people signing up and it all depends on the server. I just clicked on my yo instantly as soon as I got it and was slapped with “all motor watches were claimed”. I’m not mad. just makes no sense. lol

      1. No sense at all. I mean the page just buffers until it gets the gumption to tell you that they are sold out lol That giveaway team needs a good smackin in my opinion

        1. Unfortunately, as it is with all marketing teams, they don’t know the technical stipulations or servers and load times and what not. And the IT team just got a requirements document which probably did not include the requirement of “must send out all YO’s at same time.” Otherwise, there would have been a project delay meeting. :) I see this day in day out in my world.

          EDIT: and what happened to 12 PM CST. I’m in EST and got it at 12:04.

  13. Sucker you once, shame on you. Sucker you twice… over a few days time… ha ha

  14. Garbage app for a garbage contest.

  15. Yo forgot the “F” at the beginning and the “U” at the end.

  16. Kinda Funny got Yo’d today and within 5 secs responded and they were already gone…

    Then I thought the lag that it takes to get all these texts out to the presumably tens of thousand people or more they send them to the chance to win these gotta be lottery level odds (no pun intended)

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