Motorola has 20 Moto 360s to give away, all you have to do is send them a ‘Yo’ for a chance at winning one


Motorola Yo contest

It’s probably one of the most useless apps to come along in awhile, yet those who download pseudo messaging app “Yo” can be entered to win a Moto 360. Revealed on Twitter, Motorola will be giving away 20 Motorola Moto 360 smartwatches to random people who message them using Yo over the next 24 hours (before August 28th, 2:59 PM CT). If you get a Yo back, then you officially have a shot at picking up a Moto 360 free of charge.

Once a Yo has been received, Motorola will be contacting winners around 4:00PM CT on August 28th via Gmail (yes, a Google account is required to claim the prize). At that point the race is really on, and only the first 20 people to successfully fill out an entry form will eligible to win the Moto 360.

What’s interesting is how Motorola is — once again — giving the Moto 360 an approximate retail value of $250 in the official contest rules, lining up with what we saw recently from a Best Buy leak. You can download the Yo app on Google Play via the link below. Good luck!


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  1. Yo doesn’t allow right now to signup as a new user, why?! :'(

    1. Same. Crappy app is crappy.

    2. Really? Maybe their servers got overloaded. I was able to sign up right after this post went live.

      1. Yeah, it just keeps saying “Try Again”

  2. I simply don’t do signups that require one to use social media. Pass.

  3. I’m having trouble signing up for Yo, anyone else too?

    1. I signed up easily, just 5 minutes ago.

  4. I yo d Motorola but didn’t get a yo back is it delayed.

    1. I believe they are waiting until the end of the contest entry time period until they “YO” back.

  5. How does Motorola know what my Gmail address is based on my Yo account?

    1. How does yo know what any email you have set up? This is very confusing.

    2. They prepopulated an email and asked me to send it right after i signed up

    3. Thanks to app permissions, Yo knows. They have permission to see your accounts.

  6. Yo

  7. Where do I find motorola’s #? Or does the app some how give it to u?

    1. I think you just add “MOTOROLA”. That’s what I did but I have not received a YO back.

  8. If I send them “Yo, where’s my money” will they send me $360?

    1. Hodor Hodoris

  9. Can’t even sign up in the app. One word: worthless.

  10. if they were giving away like 1000 of them it might be an interesting contest. as it is I don’t think its worth the time. and who wants to install “Yo”? why does the contest only involve Twitter, Yo, Facebook, and Gmail? they missed at least a few major services. really, why do they need to promote them? why not just run a lottery give-away for those that signed up for updates from ? /rant

    1. I think they’re pretty well covered with Twitter, Facebook and G+… What other ‘major’ services are they missing?

  11. sooo….how do they know my gmail lol

  12. I just got one and as soon as I sent in my claim email it said all were claimed :(

    1. Same here! I wonder if they are YOing everyone no matter what.

    2. Same here. I literally had my phone in had when it came in. Goodbye Yo app, I hardly knew ye.

  13. wow… said I won, and then I filled out my email and it said they were all claimed.

    This was a massive scam! Now they have my email address and I’m going to get nothing but crap from Moto.

    Thanks for for wonderfully crappy contest moto! I will NOT be buying your watch now.

  14. Funny, I got a notification from Yo saying I was a winner of a Moto 360, clicked the notification, filled my info into the form, and was immediately told I missed my shot…I JUST GOT THE F*king notification!!!! I call BS on this!

  15. I just sent them another 50 Yo’s. Useless but felt good anyways. Now I can uninstall the app.

  16. They yo’d me back!

    Except it was just to tell me the contest prizes were claimed and advertised I buy a moto360 basically. Assholes. I was so excited when I got that return Yo.

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