Aug 28th, 2014

Google X Project Wing featured

Those boys at the Google X Labs are at it again, announcing their latest project that looks to take the battle with Amazon to the sky: Project Wing. A drone-based delivery system, Google is looking to change the world by removing some of the friction involved with simply moving things around in the world. It’s definitely ambitious, and not too unlike a similar project, Amazon Prime Air, which we saw unveiled late last year.

Google uploaded a video a few minutes ago showing off exactly what they’ve been working on these past 2 years. In the video, we watch as the Project Wing team travels to Queensland, Australia where test flights were successfully able to deliver basic items like a first aid kit, dog treats, and water to a few lucky farmers.

Google sees a drone delivery system as being more safe, quick, and efficient than traditional methods and despite acquiring a solar drone company earlier this year, are currently looking for partners to help bring this new technology to the world (wherever, you know, it’s actually legal).

Those interested can find a sign up form here with more info.

[The Atlantic]


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