Google takes battle with Amazon to the sky, introduces a drone-based delivery system of their own [VIDEO]


Google X Project Wing featured

Those boys at the Google X Labs are at it again, announcing their latest project that looks to take the battle with Amazon to the sky: Project Wing. A drone-based delivery system, Google is looking to change the world by removing some of the friction involved with simply moving things around in the world. It’s definitely ambitious, and not too unlike a similar project, Amazon Prime Air, which we saw unveiled late last year.

Google uploaded a video a few minutes ago showing off exactly what they’ve been working on these past 2 years. In the video, we watch as the Project Wing team travels to Queensland, Australia where test flights were successfully able to deliver basic items like a first aid kit, dog treats, and water to a few lucky farmers.

Google sees a drone delivery system as being more safe, quick, and efficient than traditional methods and despite acquiring a solar drone company earlier this year, are currently looking for partners to help bring this new technology to the world (wherever, you know, it’s actually legal).

Those interested can find a sign up form here with more info.

[The Atlantic]


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  1. Wait… today isn’t April first. Wtf, Google?

  2. I know Amazon has been flirting with the idea of drones delivering there products. They envisioned same-day delivery (within hours) for people in the vicinity of one of there hubs.

    This concept overall is fascinating to me and I really cant wait for the next 5-10 years of autonomous devices such as this!

    1. not after they start dropping bombs on naughty customers

  3. All we need now is Jar Jar Binks

    1. What does heesa have to with it?

  4. Awesome matey! I hope my next Nexus will arrive this way ;)
    Oh wait, I’m in Canada. Forget it, these drones will just freeze and fall once they cross the border.

    1. Some might say Canada is a bad place because of that but parts of the US and A over there get pretty cold too.

  5. Lol, Google one ups Amazon with VSTOL drones. Nice.

  6. Didn’t US court declare drones flying over people illegal or something?

    1. they’re about as illegal as that toy remote control helicopter or airplane some people have as hobbies.

  7. I want to add to cart…

  8. The best possible application, here in the states anyway, seems to be outside of major cities and inside of remote rural areas. Hear me out… Transportation, no matter how fickle and downright unreliable we may think it is within major cities, exists fairly well. I live in NYC, Amazon 1 day delivery isn’t in my area, but it exists 1 zip code north of me, so the potential is definitely there, just an example:

    Consider someone in the back woods of Indiana, or upstate New York, or on a dirt road somewhere in Wyoming, anywhere people have to drive miles to the nearest store or convenience…. A drone would bring them the same convenience and standard of service thus bridging the gap between major cities and their rural counterparts. The retired family on a ranch with 10 acres of land out off I-70 in Utah that needs to drive over an hour through Emery County just to get a toothbrush doesn’t have too. The potential here is as huge as it is incredible. It’s just a shame that us city dwellers may never realize it mainly because people suck, and well, we have bodegas that deliver.

    1. Not sure if it’s practical, in some parts people will use the drones as target practice or just knock it down to get free goods. Not to mention battery running out or it being blown by the wind like a toy airplane into a tree or a power line. It’s gonna take a lot of tech to make this work and I wonder if it’s going to be worth for Amazon or Google to do that. Still, Google gets a prize for vstol vs Amazon’s heli/saucer/frisbee.

      1. Like I said, people suck…

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