Aug 26th, 2014

samsung gear apps

Samsung’s Tizen-based Gear smart watches may not run the exciting new Android Wear platform made by Google, but they still get the job done. Samsung seems intent on busting any misconceptions that their smart watches don’t have any apps as they’ve posted a pretty convincing infographic to show just how big their ecosystem has gotten.

Samsung says over 1,000 apps made specifically for their Gear watches have been made available, from fitness aids like Drink Water and Runtastic to other miscellaneous needs such as babysitting (and, of course, all the other geeky stuff you can dream of in between). Increasing awareness of their ecosystem is quite important for the growth of their platform, especially now that they have the might of the Google Play Store to contend with.

Samsung’s benefited from a pretty big head start in that regard, but it won’t be long before Android Wear catches up and developers are building functionality into the apps we already use. Of course, Samsung wouldn’t mind considering they have an Android Wear product of their own on the market, but whether they’ll make any others remains to be seen. Be sure to head through to the source link for the full infographic if you’re interested.

[via Samsung Tomorrow]