LG G3 Stylus is an Android phone, not an accessory, coming next week



LG has been busy: over the weekend they let the world know that the Moto 360 wouldn’t be the only circular Android Wear watch for long and they’ve just now announced the LG G3 Stylus, a variation of their flagship phone that offers an affordable alternative to the up-and-coming Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Some key LG G3 Stylus specs:

  • 1.3 GHz Quad-Core processor
  • 5.5-inch qHD IPS screen with 960 x 540 pixel resolution
  • 8 GB  internal memory with MicroSD slot
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 13MP camera with 1.3MP front camera
  • 3,000mAh battery
  • Android 4.4.2 KitKat

LG G3 vs LG G3 Stylus

The G3 Stylus is a variation of the G3 that shares many of the same specs, however, to fit the stylus and offer a competitive price LG toned down some of the most aggressive specs. The screen is still 5.5-inches qHD IPS but has lower resolution, internal memory is cut to 8GB (from 16GB or 32GB), RAM is halved, and the front camera is dropped a megapixel.

These compromises likely have as much to do with pricing as engineering. The LG G3 Stylus is set to launch in Brazil with Asia, the Middle East, and Africa to follow. These are emerging markets where price is a higher priority and where having the most powerful specs may not be such a pressing issue. Furthermore, stylus are in higher demand in these locations, especially Asia.

lg-g3-stylus-2The Stylus

I find the “Stylus” naming convention confusing and unfortunate: when I first read the related press release, I assumed LG was launching an official Stylus to work with their existing LG G3 Android Phone. The “LG G3 Stylus” as an actual name of a device confused me and I’m wondering if it will confuse others. I prefer Samsung’s “Note” name which now suggests Stylus support without outright saying it.

You can of course expect the G3 Stylus software to come with some features that make great use of the pen input, including QuickMemo+ for note taking and Dual Window to view two activities on one screen. Expect LG (and carriers) to preload the device with apps that make further use of the stylus.

Price and availability

The G3 Stylus should be affordably priced considering the knock it takes on specs, not to mention company CEO Dr. Jong-Seok Park’s tease that  it has an “exceptional price that can’t be beat.” We’d expect him to say that regardless of the price, but in this case, we think the price will indeed be aggressive. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until IFA for LG to make a formal announcement regarding these details.

Don’t expect the LG G3 Stylus to come to the states any time soon or at all, And if it does, remember that this is no Galaxy Note 4 competitor, but rather a Galaxy Note 4 alternative for folks who want a big screen and stylus but don’t need the high power and high price of a flagship Android device.

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  1. Saturation level… High

  2. Soooo… It’s not supposed to compete with the Note, I’m guessing?

    1. maybe the galaxy mega but even that phone doesn’t have specs this sucky. 540p @ 5.5″ = YUCK

  3. Weak sauce specs

  4. Crap spec.!

    I’m hoping LG comes out with the next G Pro 3 with Stylus!

  5. Epic Fail!!!!!!!!!!!

    At least 720p!!!!!!!!!

    5.5 inch qHD?!?!?! What’s that? Like 200 PPI?!?!

    1. What was LG thinking???

  6. What a piece of cr*p! If they instead launched an at least 6″ variant with good specs I would have bought my first LG phone.

  7. Do people in this day an age buy phones with such horrible screen resolution?

    This seems to be targeted at the Notes following, but with such piss poor specs I doubt anyone is jumping ship.

    1. Even the iPhone has somewhat comparable screen resolutions. Lololol. I dislike the iPhone, btw, and have never owned one.

      1. But the iPhone is a 4″ screen, not a 5.5 inch screen. DPI is fine on the iPhone, it’s going to be horrible on this.

    2. Many people don’t know screen resolution from an HD cactus, unfortunately.

      1. They may not know resolution, but anyone can tell the difference between SD and HD…

    3. I agree. I think they just use left over parts from previous phones and hope that they can sell them.

      1. Must be some old parts!

  8. Reminds me of the Mega. LG is coming out swinging at all the big OEMs!

  9. LG following on the footsteps of another Korean company. I was stationed in Korea for a year. You have to understand the mindset over there. To copy is to flatter, and it is a well accepted practice over there. Unfortunately, without a Wacom digitizer, having a stylus is pretty much useless.

    1. >>Ignoring the res that is ~6x lower than the Note 4 will be, 4x weaker processor, minimal RAM etc.

      1. Doesn’t really seem like it’s supposed to be a Note 4 competitor…

        1. but it should have been

          1. Why? Who’s to say it’s not a Galaxy Mega competitor?

  10. qHD all the way.
    Welcome to 2009.

    1. At least it isn’t pentile!

  11. 5.5″ with qHD display is just wrong…

  12. That’s a Galaxy NEXUS competitor.

  13. If only it was a “competitor” rather than an alternative, I would’ve jumped away from my Note 3 to get this.

  14. It’s a low-spec’d piece of garbage. A quarter HD screen? 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage? And it looks like the stylus is no different than a $2 stylus from ebay, which is a far cry from the S-Pen. No way this is a competitor to a Galaxy Note.

    It won’t be coming to the US anyway. LG is initially releasing it in Brazil, the Africa and the Asian subcontinent (e.g., India), then maybe Russia.

  15. “The screen is still 5.5-inches qHD IPS but has lower resolution”

    Isn’t the screen on the LG G3 actually “Q”HD meaning quad hd rather than this new model which is actually designated a quarter HD screen?

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