T-Mobile gives 2GB of LTE data on Simple Starter plan for just $45 per month



Folks on T-Mobile’s affordable $40 Simple Starter plan have likely been loving the unlimited talk and text, plus 500GB of LTE data for $40 per month, but what happens when they decide they’re no longer a light user? Thankfully T-Mobile’s introduced an inexpensive avenue for greatly increasing that pool of high speed data.

The company has announced a new $5 upgrade option that will net you a full 2GB of data on their LTE network, effectively quadrupling your allowance without quadrupling your bill. Unfortunately the Simple Starter plan still kicks you off the data network as soon as you hit that limit, though getting four times the data for just another $5 should help make up for that.

T-Mobile seems to have no shortage of moves to help bring competition back to the United States wireless sector. We’ve seen the other big 3 carriers begin to roll out more affordable plans as a result of T-Mobile’s aggressive strategy, and the Uncarrier still isn’t satisfied.

It’s continuous beneficial changes like these that will keep netting them millions of customer additions each quarter, and as long as they can maintain momentum and a solid network it won’t be long before they’re no longer seen as the underdog. The new plan is available for both existing and new customers starting September 3rd.

[via T-Mobile]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. You’re wrong on the part of going back to 3G. T-Mobile always throttles customers to EDGE after they’re allotted data for the month. Get it right…. I wish it went to 3G. T-Mobile doesn’t have 3G. Just 4G HSPA+

    1. you are both wrong. it throttles you to Edge speeds. you will still maintain your current connection, whether it be LTE or HSPA

      also, you have a typo in the post. you say 500GB, instead of 500MB.

      1. You’re an idiot. Every one knows you can stay on what frequency you want and what network….. The speeds are throttled to EDGE. You’d be an idiot to stay on LTE with edge speeds, draining your battery.

        1. This looks like an argument of semantics…

          1. all of you shouldswitch to best tmobile plan 30 bucs pre paid lte 5g of data 100 talk but i call through wifi so it doesnt matter get groove ip and ring to . save money

        2. I just went over my data cap two days ago( starts again on Wednesday). I still have a 4G signal…but the internet speeds are definitely 2G.

          1. Yes, that sucks. Switch your radior to GSM or 2G only and it’ll double your battery life. I stop using data after my 5Gs are up.

          2. Before I switched to unlimited, throttling was different based on the connection. If I was on Edge, I got 90-120kbps. On “4G” I got about 150-200kbps. On LTE, I got 200-250kbps and better latency. Even before the music unlimited, if I was on LTE I could stream Pandora on my phone. It was great.
            So there are perks to staying on LTE.

          3. Not true. You can not pull 250kbps on LTE while throttled… At least I can not.

          4. Totally true, because I’ve done it. Granted, I switched to unlimited in February or March. If they’ve become more aggressive in throttling since, it doesn’t affect me.

          5. Well thanks I’ll try!

        3. I’m not an idiot, just merely clearing up your statement. the way you stated it, made it sound like T-Mobile will cut your signal down to Edge (“e” in the status bar) which it doesn’t.

          thanks for taking it up a notch though, fun way to start the Week :)

        4. LTE has pings in the 30-50ms range, EDGE has well into the hundreds of ms for ping. Even if throttled, EDGE speeds on an LTE network that has plenty of bandwidth sounds good to me. EDGE speeds or slower on EDGE depending on network usage, and insanely slow pings sound like hell. Plus LTE when not in use doesn’t use much battery anymore, and EDGE when is use will use more battery because it has to keep an active connection open way longer due to the ping speed.

    2. Edge on T-Mobile is still better than 3g on Verizon!

    3. I don’t think EDGE exists anymore… Aren’t they using their spectrum that splits between HSPA+ and LTE for all data now?

  2. I wonder how it stacks up against Straight Talk’s $45 unlimited plan. If T-mobile’s price already includes tax and it falls under the unlimited music deal then the only thing Straight Talk has over them for me is the fact that I live just outside T-Mobile’s service area. I’m hoping that’ll change soon.

    1. Much better than Straight Talk because their data speeds are slower.

    2. also, interest free phone financing

    3. Post paid contract prices do not include taxes + fees in the advertised prices unless they specify it. Prepaid generally does include all taxes + fees in their advertised prices.

  3. Even though Tmobile and Sprint are not as good networks as ATT and Verizon, the latter have to be sweating a little bit. These new prices from Tmo and Sprint are very good…. or better said, these are the prices that phone plans should be. I finally decided I did not need a perfect network and switched to Sprint/Ting 3 months ago. While the network is not perfect, it is plenty good for my needs, and it saves me $35/mo.

    1. Both big red and big blue better watch out. Eventually people are going to think with their wallets. T Mobile coverage is getting better everyday somewhere. I cant wait for 700 mhz coverage.

      1. 700Mhz coverage is highly overrated.

  4. Time to drop my bill by $20 a month.

  5. … 500GB of LTE data for $40 per month, … The company has announced a new $5 upgrade option that will net you a full 2GB of data on their LTE network, effectively quadrupling your allowance…

    Sorry, Quentyn Kennemer, but 2GB is not four times 500GB. It is 1/250th.

    1. That would be a sweet plan 500gb screw unlimited data at that point it would be hard to even break the allowance anyways.

  6. I get 3gb of high speed data on straight talk for 45$. I never go over & when I do I still get hspa+ speed of 5-8 mbps.

    1. How do you get 5mbps I get knocked down to .25mbps on straight talk T-Mobile should just hit sprints deal of $60 unlimited. It’s a good deal but on sprint haha that’s a bad joke waiting to happen.

      1. There might be a difference between T-mobile or AT&T sim card on straight talk. I use AT&T straight talk, but I’ve never gone over yet.

        1. I use the AT&T sim as well I go over every month

    2. Perhaps the difference here is that you can still finance a phone through tmobile.

  7. OMG! I just remembered something! This is the week T-Mobile is going to announce their next Uncarrier move! Well. . .today is Monday, and it’s nearly 2pm eastern, so maybe tomorrow or another day. . .hmmmm.

    1. August 29. Was announced recently.

      1. Oh! That extra 2GB’s deal? That? Their calling THAT an “Uncarrier” move? Big whoomp!

        1. No.

          I stated that the uncarrier announcement takes place in August 29. T-Mobile simply announced the date…

          1. Ohhh! Ok, that’s Friday. Well, I’ll be looking.

            Anyway, there needs to be a lot more leveling out with the big 2, so hopefully it will help.

  8. I get 2GB for $35.0 on Sprint.

  9. Why would anyone choose this over T-Mobile’s 5GB prepaid plan for $35?

    1. I guess if you need more minutes and texting.

    2. You mean their $30 plan with 5GB of data? It only includes 100 minutes of talk time.

      1. Does the $30 plan allow WiFi calling? If it does, does it count toward your 100 minutes?

        1. It allows WiFi calling that doesn’t count.

        2. just install a SIP client and make your calls over their data (LTE, HSPA+)

  10. At this price I get unlimited text talk and data. And I get yearly upgrade too.

    1. What plan and carrier is that?

      1. Family plan or, $60.0 unlimited everything one line.

  11. lol I don’t know how people live with plans like this.

  12. 500GB for $40!?!?!?! Where can I get this plan please??? IDK why people are complaining about 500GB of data for just 40 bucks. Would be happy to have this plan.

    I’m sure its just a typo in your story right???

    1. Me too!!! Please sign me up! Take my money!! LOL

      I’m copying the quote before they change it:

      “Folks on T-Mobile’s affordable $40 Simple Starter plan have likely been loving the unlimited talk and text, plus 500GB of LTE data for $40 per month,”

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