Samsung reloads the hype train with another Note 4 teaser [VIDEO]


note 4 teaser screen grab 2

Samsung wants you to get hyped about their upcoming September 3rd announcement where they’ll be unleashing the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, as well as possible new smart watch products. Last week we saw the South Korean company placing emphasis on the device’s S Pen and preaching the importance of handwriting. This week is a bit more of the same, except they focus on the importance of tools in human society.

Samsung boldly exhalts their S Pen as the next big tool since, well, the regular pen. We’re not so sure that’s totally accurate, though we can say no other company has made a feasible stylus-equipped commercial smartphone that works as well as the Note line.

Samsung’s pen-focused marketing seems to be hinting toward some new innovation on that front, though no rumors have given any indication that they will be introducing new features that aren’t already present on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Guess we’re going to have to wait until September 3rd to get the full picture drawn for us. Check out the teaser video in the YouTube embed above.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. This is the only Samsung phone that has me interested in, others go through the “wash, rinse and repeat” cycle. Seems like this is the only phone that Samsung puts their time and focus on.

  2. I’m told from an *cough*insider*cough* that the new S-pen will have new S-Health features where it will be able to take your *cough*internal*cough* body temperature.

    1. Cough*rectal*thermometer*cough. Yuck.

    2. You should get that cough looked at.

    3. Grab your ankles and cough, just want to make sure you didn’t lose your S-Pen

  3. I’m sure ready to Note. Bring me the Note 4, I’ll be in heaven. Would be real sweet if they loaded that bad boy up with plenty of int storage + sd-card support of course. My Note 3 is still a beast, the Note 4 could only be beastier, (is that a word)

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