Rumor: Samsung working on a circular smart watch



After the overwhelmingly positive response Motorola received to the circular Moto 360 it seems competitors want to try their hand at it. This past weekend LG began teasing a circular wrist dweller of their own, and now another big name is rumored to be getting in on the fun.

According to SamMobile, Samsung is working on a circular smart watch of their own. We’re almost certain it wouldn’t be ready in time for IFA Berlin, though with the Gear Live having just launched and the Gear Solo (a SIM-enabled Gear) rumored to be coming next week we’re not sure we’d fancy another option so soon.

That’s all we know so far. There’s no indication on which OS Samsung will look to use (Tizen or Android Wear), though we’re personally keeping fingers and toes crossed for the latter. With the feint exception of the Samsung Gear Live, Samsung’s devices haven’t exactly been the prettiest on the market.

We’re hoping a circular smart watch design would help inspire Samsung to come up with something fresh, sleek and slim just as they’ve started to do on the phones side of things. Let us know if you’d consider buying a circular Samsung smart watch in the comments below!

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. It was only a matter of time. Now Motorola is really screwed. But it’s their own fault for waiting too long anyway.

  2. I bet we get a teaser from Samsung this week…

  3. When they out a smartwatch that you can unock the face expand and use as a tablet or make calls with it, I might consider one, but this junk right now is just useless tech to try and gain some money from fools.

    1. You may consider them useless, but Motorola was the first company to realize what people really want from a watch: fashion. The #1 reason people will be buying this is because of the way it looks, not because of its usefulness. Foolish? Perhaps. But the fashion industry is huge.

      1. You do realize that wristwatches were given away at first because no one wanted them, were not fashionable. Go figure.
        Casio said the same thing about wrist calculators.

        1. It is practically impossible to make a wrist calculator look attractive. An android watch, however, can look like literally anything. Motorola just had a contest for watch face designs. There were some amazing entries.

          Eventually, I’m going to end up getting one of these. Maybe not the 360, but definitely something like it. I may wait a year or so for them to get even less bulky. But it’ll definitely be a round design, like a regular watch with a nice leather band. And I’m honestly not going to care as much about the functionality as I will about the looks. What I do care about is having a watch that can literally look like anything I want. Because that is f___ing awesome.

    2. Lots of people wear fitness bands that do nothing more than that. If these devices do fitness band stuff at the same level or better, its already a very popular product with lots of potential. You’re foolish if you believe otherwise.

  4. surprised. not even once… -.-

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