Moto 360 to have circular competition: LG G Watch R coming next week


It’s no secret that tech fans have been pining for the Moto 360 Android Wear Smartwatch. Despite the huge interest in Android Wear, many early adopters have been passing up the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch in anticipation of the Moto 360, and there’s one primary reason: the circular watch face.

Motorola was poised to solitarily steal the Android Wear show by launching the Moto 360 after their September 4th event in Chicago (along with some other devices), but LG has officially cramped Moto’s style by sliding in at the last second with a circular watch of their own. And this is no rumor, ladies and gentlemen, the promo video comes directly from the Official LG Mobile Global Youtube Channel.

LG is definitely playing a chess game with Motorola, allowing them to build hype and anticipation for months without saying a peep of their own competing Android Wear beauty. Product timelines for OEMs are typically 2 years, so this isn’t something LG slapped together at the last minute. It’s more likely they used the LG G Watch as their “pilot” test while preparing the circular LG G Watch R for perfection. That “R” standing for “Round” of course.

That being said, there are a fair share of folks who prefer rectangular watch faces over circular watch faces, and still others that like to mix it up with a variety of shapes and sizes in their repertoire.

So now the question begs: has your lust for the Moto 360 changed?

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  1. Does anyone else think that 0:15 (“feel the gap”) is a jab at the Moto 360’s almost-circular shape?

    1. Hell yeah lol. The perfect circle makes me rethink my decision about the Moto 360.

      1. Idiots at Motorola marketing only have themselves to blame. If they weren’t pulling my nerves for so long, by now I would already buy their product. Now I’m on the fence to see LG’s offering too, and then make a decision.

        1. ditto. they better not pull a OnePlus on us haha

          1. I’ll third that motion. If the G Watch R has a totally circular screen and doesn’t have too much bezel as some of the comments are suggesting it might, then it’ll win over the 360 for me.

          2. But do you believe they will have a light sensor?

          3. If they don’t that wouldn’t concern me too much. I don’t use the light sensor on my phone much so I doubt that a smart watch would be much different for me. I like to adjust the screen brightness myself for most situations.

  2. But rectangle also starts with R..

    1. And rhombus…

      1. …also rhinoceros. LG should just shake things up and make a rhinoceros shaped G Watch.

        1. If they’d announce that, it would look like they were tooting their own horn

  3. I didn’t expect anyone to actually vote for the iWatch… maybe I should keep my funnies to myself next time. All my funnies are belong to me!

    1. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    2. I think the “FTW ZOMG ROFLCOPTER!” bit is what sold the answer for most folks. They saw the answer for what it was (sarcastic) and decided to join in the fun.

  4. if you pause the video near the end you can see, more or less, of what the lg g watch r looks like. I still prefer the Moto 360.


    1. I wonder if it will actually have a dial on the side.

      1. I think they are hiding the fact that it has a bezel all the way around during the sneak peak video. The dial is the bezel. It’s a decent implementation but I like the edge to edge display of the 360 better. Even with the black bar at the bottom.

        1. That sensor bar is the only thing bugs me about the 360’s design. …and it’s the only thing that’d keep me from buying one over the LGGWR. Though I’d lean closer to the 360 if the LG watch has that much bezel.

  5. Need specs.. Hoping for a better resolution screen with better brightness / contrast and a better battery life..

    Thinking about picking up a G3 soon.. This may go just nicely with it..!

    1. G3 is awesome. Glad I ditched the HTC one M7/OnePlus and got the G3. GREAT form factor.

  6. Lol 35% for iwatch

  7. I want to see the full design first. You don’t get all that much from that preview, and I’m not that excited about what I see in that split second where you see most of it. The two deciding factors for me will be how it handles daylight and the price. If they don’t have something there to keep it visible in daylight I’d rather have the light sensor and lose a small section of screen.

  8. Interesting poll results – with rectangular smartwatches (my choice) being way at the bottom. Clearly form over function rules here. A round screen is not going to give you any advantages over a rectangular one. It reduces your screen space and makes it awkward to develop for. But yes, a round screen is more eye-catching. And I guess more people tend to view a watch as a fashion accessory rather than a tool. Apple is going to be very successful if they enter this market.

    1. +1
      Except I think the rectangular form-factor paired with a properly proportioned watchband/strap has a lot more eye-appeal than the round form-factor.

  9. I just want to check my twitter

  10. I’m confused now! It’s going to be between Moto, HTC, Asus, and now LG. Whoever brings the round quickly gains the most points.

    Moto is in the lead as there are more feature rumors.

    1. It seemed like HTC was going to make a square watch. Looks like I’ll be skipping out.

      1. If i want round ill buy a regular watch. Rectangular is the best form for a smartwatch.

  11. the one things i noticed… the last bend they did, pushed out the bottom, and looked like the bezel on the moto 360 screen

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  13. Fill the gap….good jab at Motorola. LOL!…..Ok I went back and looked again. It said feel the gap. My mind must have switched the word on me…That itself was great marketing. :)

    1. ah.. I see what they did there!

  14. I would buy a Moto just for the simple fact that LG is still inconsistent with pushing out updates in a timely manner.

  15. almost 2% of voters here prefer a square watch? how is this number higher than 0%?

    1. Just for the record, the choice was rectangular.
      My apologies that my preference doesn’t fall in line w/your sensibilities.

      1. Rectangular watches are totally square, man.

        1. It’s hip to be square,man……………………….

  16. LG’s offering will have an instant one-up over the 360 if it utilizes all of the watch face for its screen IMO. The Moto 360 is cool and all, but the sensor on the bottom of the watch face kinda cramps the style a bit.

    1. I am not sure the sensor will be too big of a deal. I have the the LG G Watch and I rarely see the complete watch face because of the notifications. Motorola cleverly put the sensor below the notification bar and it looks almost natural.

  17. One of the screens shows a Pedometer, barometer and compass. That’s going to be interesting if the hardware is on board or if it’s parsed from the phone.

  18. The more the better… bring em on!

  19. I want whichever one uses amoled for the screen… I dont want to see the whole screen always lit up with gray for the blacks when its low light. Amoled or nothing for me

    1. Mirasol screens will become more common place soon I hope. I saw a Toq and the screen under the bright Southern California sun was very good.

  20. Im still waiting for the HTC version. Will prob be the best. Wont touch anything with the name MOTO on it…. and I dont trust LG outside of TVs.

  21. The roundness of the watch is more appearance than functional. Show me everything the watches can do, as well as build quality, and then I’ll make my decision.

  22. I have my M8 with me everywhere I go so I’m not quite sure why I need a Android smart watch to.

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