From the Forums: Swimming with the S5, what’s up with smartwatches, and more



Is it ever alright to take your phone in the pool? We answer that question, examine the benefits of owning a smartwatch, and more in our weekly look at what’s trending over at Android Forums. Let’s dive right in (pardon the pun).

Scared to take Galaxy S5 in the pool

Waterproof: Samsung Galaxy S5 vs HTC One M8

This guy is a bit hesitant to take his Galaxy S5 into the pool. Good. He should be. While the phone does boast a pretty solid waterproof design, it is far from impervious to the dangers of full submersion under water. Take our word for it. Still, this particular thread does give some hope to those who might accidentally (or intentionally)  jump in the water with their phone. We can’t necessarily say the same for this LG Optimus F6 owner who dropped his device in a lake.

One Android user returns to the platform, another looks to leave


What advice would you give an iPhone expat as they move over to Android? Here’s your opportunity to sound off as current iOS/Mac user seeks to migrate his current workflow to the Android ecosystem (we recommend transferring your contacts first then dealing with those pesky iMessage problems). On the other side of the coin, this is your chance to talk Kender42 out of leaving Android for good. 

What are the general benefits of a smartwatch?

Moto 360_Map

We’ve heard the specs. We’ve heard the comparisons of one Android Wear smartwatch versus the others, but here is a surprisingly simple question: what’s the actual benefit of owning a smartwatch in general. In this case, the specific device in question is the Moto 360, but this is a discussion that any consumer looking into hopping the smartwatch bandwagon could find useful.

Customer support from the other side

Microsoft Word - Technology.docx

We’ve all heard customer support nightmare stories, but rarely do we get to hear from the voice on the other side of those conversations. Is an intelligent consumer more irritating than a dumb one? Those in the know might surprise you with their answers. Remember: these are people, too!


So what’s your story? Dropped your phone in a body of water lately? Have an awesome tip, trick, app, or game you want others to know about? Sign up for Android Forums today and get to sharing. Perhaps you’ll even see your thread honored in next week’s From the Forums.

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