Aug 21st, 2014

Google Search app Android multilanguage support

Previously, users who wanted to use Google Voice Search in a different language than normal would have to go through the painful process of jumping into their Search settings and changing the language. In a blog post on the official Inside Search blog, Google has announced the rollout of a new feature: the ability for Google Search to recognize multiple languages. This means if you speak in English when searching, like “Ok Google, show me nearby Italian restaurants” — but still speak in Spanish when shooting off a quick SMS message by voice.

Currently, Google Search can detect more than 50 languages automatically, but requires a 1-time change in the Search settings to get everything set up by selecting the languages of your choice (up to 5). Of course, speaking multiple languages in the same sentence (sometimes known as “Spanglish” for us Latin folk) will confuse it, so keep to speaking only 1 language per sentence.

Google says to expect even more languages and features added in the future, so we’ll keep an eye out. In the meantime, you can try out the new feature by opening up your app drawer and selecting the Google Settings app then > Search & Now > Voice > Languages. Long pressing on a language will set it as the primary, while tapping on the rest will set them up as a secondary language. Enjoy!