MIUI version 6 is here, and it’s one of the most beautiful renditions of Android yet


miui v6 1

Folks who do their daily bidding with MIUI will love what the folks behind the Android ROM have come up with. MIUI 6 introduces sweeping changes in areas of functionality, user interface and more.

The biggest change you’ll notice immediately is the new flat user interface, giving it a modern look and feel that many designers have clung to as of late. Iconography is simple and colorful, apps are presented in minimalist fashion, and there’s not a single ounce of that god-awful bubble effect that became so prominent following the iPhone’s rise to popularity.  You’ll see the new user interface and design language throughout all aspects of MIUI.

There’s a lot to look forward to on the features side of things, as well. Here’s a quick list highlighting some of the biggest changes:

  • New built-in virus scanning and protection, and a Permissions app for controlling which apps can use data.
  • Built-in Clean Master app to keep cache, temporary files and other clutter at a minimum.
  • Improved data usage control
  • Built-in functionality to identify, mark or block unwanted calls
  • Improved threaded email support and attachment support
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Sliding up on lock screen now takes you directly to your home screen.
  • Ability to switch between cards vs icons for multitasking

All of it will be featured by default on the Xiaomi Mi 4, natch, and we imagine the changes will be in tow for everyone else (whether you’re using a ROM on a phone or an older Xiaomi phone) in due time. Unfortunately MIUI had no exact details to share about availability, so we’re reaching out to see if they can share more. We’ll certainly deliver those details as soon as they become available so be sure to keep an eye on Phandroid. Head to the source link to check out the massive gallery!

[via MIUI 1, 2]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I loved me some MIUI back in the day.

    1. I used to be involved with back in the Gingerbread days. I loved MIUI and it was my go to ROM, flashing weeklies and porting ROMs like no other. I haven’t touched MIUI since ICS though. Ahh memories.

  2. “…one of the most beautiful renditions of Android yet.” What does that say for Android when this UI is based completely off iOS?

    1. Shhhh. We don’t talk about that here.

  3. MIUI is nice but I prefer something closer to stock android. I never did like the way the home screens worked with MIUI. I’m fairly happy with CM11 and Nova Launcher though.

  4. I’m having a hard time with these articles lately using the term “natch”. It’s not English, and has no place in even half assed journalism. Just my opinion. As for MIUI, not a fan. Quite happy with my CM 11s.

    1. According to the OED, the word “natch” in its current meaning appeared in 1945. (There are versions of the word going back to the 1600s.)

      1. Agreed. As an informal/slang term. I can find the “word” ain’t in the dictionary as well. Doesn’t make it acceptable to use. But why listen to me. I’m not in charge of the language. Society will simply accept the degradation of language and writers are held to a continually lower standard of quality.

        1. The level of writer errors in these articles
          is too damn high.

          1. Phandroid has gone way down hill.

        2. English has always been a “living” language that ads, subtracts and transforms words as times change. That doesn’t degrade it.

    2. Natch is hardly even slang.

    3. What the hell does Natch even mean? Never heard of it.

    4. Oh, come on. It’s just casual writing. It’s conversational flow. Nothing to get worked up about.

    5. I’ve been critical of Quentyn’s writing in the past (specifically the use of “welp” in any context), but “natch” is an extremely common word and works fine on a site like Phandroid with an informal voice.

      But “natch” generally doesn’t work well in the middle of a sentence, and this is no exception.

  5. Beautiful… Yet looks like an iPhone skin lol.

  6. I haven’t used MIUI in a couple years. Still no widgets? Still no app drawer?

    1. still no app drawer but last time I checked there were widgets in MIUI, I haven’t used it in forever either.

  7. I don’t get the trend of late with flat designs. While I love the minimalist look on interfaces.. when taken to this extreme it looks blocky and 1980’s UI old fashion to me. Like most of the text mode DOS application menus.

    I like very simple interfaces but the ones that pop and look natural. Like something I could almost believe I could touch and feel. I’m happy their are plenty of options for people who like this style, not implying this shouldn’t exists. Just giving my 2 cents on this design trend of late.

    1. You answered yourself in your first sentence. It is a trend. Therefore like all trends, it will disappear in a few years, then periodically rear it’s head.

      Looks nothing like blocky 80’s style UI’s mind.

  8. its all about xsposed with nova anything else is uncivil

  9. Does it have unread counts for WhatsApp, Gmail, Line and Facebook?

  10. I’m definitely minority, but after looking at the source links…it really is beautiful to me!

  11. Last time i dabbled in MIUI was when i had a Nexus S 4G. ‘Twas a fun thing to flash, very colourful and all. [Ah, the Nexus S 4G, fun little device, great AMOLED screen but terrible battery life, speakers and radio.]

  12. But does it still send your personal data off to the Chinese Government?

  13. iOS 7 much? Will they never learn…

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