Aug 15th, 2014

surgeon simulator android

Ever wanted to be a deadly surgeon that didn’t know an artery from a bone? Fancy cutting into some poor schmuck who thinks he’s about to get a quality operation only to die on the operating table? Me neither, but we can at least experience that harrowing, twisted situation in digital form. Surgeon Similar puts the buzz saw and scalpel into your hands, and tasks you with being the human fixer-upper that Bob (the patient) needs to live.

The game has made its way to Android via Google Play for $5.99. Staying true to its “simulator” classification, this game goes out of its way to make it hard for you to be a quality surgeon. Not only do you have to control the arm of the surgeon, you also have to control every individual finger. The action of picking up a brain drill or a stitching tool is challenging, and should you actually need to use those tools effectively? Well, let’s just say it won’t be pretty for poor ol’ Bob.

Plenty of gameplay from the PC version already sits on YouTube (you can find one embedded above), and at the exception of downgraded graphics it looks like you can expect more of the same on Android. Be sure to purchase a download from Google Play with the link below.