YouTube for TV app set to get revamped for Android TV


Android TV — the platform that we hope will do for us what Google TV could not — isn’t readily available, but that doesn’t mean Google isn’t working on getting it ready to go for its eventual launch later this year. The first move they’ve made is to upgrade the YouTube app to be more easy to use on the big screen.

The app’s overhaul is more visual than functional, though that does go a long way to providing a quality experience. What you’ll get is an interface similar to that of the desktop site’s — a left sidebar gives you quick and easy access to subscriptions, playlists, history, uploads and more. And if none of that is doing it for you, there’s always the search function.

youtube for tv

They’re also putting more emphasis on individual channel pages, so instead of stumbling through a list of unorganized videos, you’ll be able to see all your favorite Youtubers’ content ass they’ve laid it out for you. The only thing I can say is “it’s about time.”

So how can you try it right now? Buy an Xbox One. The app is already being previewed on Microsoft’s latest console, but if you don’t have one and have no plans on buying one it should be finding its way to other platforms and set-top boxes in the weeks to come. The video above can give you an idea of what to expect in case you don’t have the means to give it a whirl yourself.

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  1. “Youtubers’ content ass they’ve laid it out…”

    Really? Ass? C’mon

    1. It is a funny error but someone should really double-check the spelling in Phandroid articles before they’re posted.

  2. It’s about time. The YouTube app is painstakingly slow on LG TV’s and on the Playstation 3. Often crashes and freezes too.

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