Sony SmartWatch 3 said to be headed to IFA



IFA seems like a choice launching platform for many top manufacturers, though not many are bigger than Sony. This historically is their mobile playground, and it’s where they come to show off some of their most exciting second half endeavors. So what are we expecting this year? The Xperia Z3 might not be a bad place to start, but new rumors are suggesting it’ll be joined by other products.

According to Digi-wo, Sony is preparing to reveal the third iteration of their SmartWatch lineup. Simply referred to as SmartWatch 3, we’re expecting the device to use Sony’s custom-built platform based on Android. That’s not much of a surprise considering Sony has already expressed wishes to trek on with their own solution than to fall in with the guys from ASUS, Samsung LG and Motorola.

We’re not sure what sort of evolution we can expect in terms of software, but the watch is expected to be waterproof and dust proof, and could come with wireless charging contacts. Sony will also go with their traditional squared design, though that’s something we’ve always expected. We’re going to have to wait until IFA or for more choice leaks to make their way to the forefront before we learn much more.

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  1. Ho hum… I keep seeing the Sony watches in the surplus stores

  2. Yeah this is not going to work.

  3. Sony needs to hire me as chief designer for mobile products and get this ball rolling. I know how to increase quality of dual facing speakers on the new Z-series with minimal addition to overall chassis…

    1. Don’t forget they have to be waterproof speakers.

      1. What’s this..waterproof you speak of?…nah JK..I know

    2. Move to Japan!


  4. I have the sony smartwatch 2 and all I can say is that it meets my needs and surpasses current smart watches and is the best looking. This looks like a little girls watch.

  5. closed and proprietary always loses in the long run.

  6. Android Wear currently has it’s limitations. If Sony wants to push it’s own version, which I might add is compatible with most Android phones, then good on them. If they learn from past mistakes and offer more than 1 day of battery life, I could be interested. Waterproofing is a forte of theirs that makes me all the more curious.

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