“PHUNK” special edition HTC One M8 revealed


phunk htc one m8

There’s a new special edition of the HTC One M8 making its way out soon. The folks in Taiwan have teamed up with Singaporean art collective PHUNK Studio, a team that’s done contemporary works for the likes of Nike, MTV and Rolling Stone. “Wonderment” is the theme of the art piece that’s been etched into the back of the HTC One M8, with inspiration from the typical tri-fecta of culture, society and their surroundings.

HTC says only 64 of these things are available in select markets around the world, so it’ll be pretty difficult to get your hands on one. We imagine anyone with enough coin and a desire to express themselves with artsy etchings will look to make that happen. For the rest? Well, there’s always custom-made cases. You’ll be able to find more information about how you can secure one of the 64 handsets right here.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Meh, its kinda cool, but I’m not a fan of the etching itself.

  2. Want. Hope there’s more to it though

  3. Or I just take the design and use the computer automated laser etcher at work?

  4. Or I just take the design and use the computer automated laser etcher at work?

  5. Phuckin’ ugly

  6. Just get a case

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