Aug 13th, 2014


We’ve talked about cellphone theft a lot these past weeks. Whether it’s avoiding pickpockets or knowing what to do when you’ve left your phone at a restaurant or bar, there’s almost no worse feeling than knowing you may never see your $700 investment again. Of course, stealing someone’s phone and having that person harass you is a side of the coin we never considered because, well — you can’t fix stupid.

But as KOMONews reports, that’s is what exactly what (allegedly) happened to one man according to the Seattle Police Department. Apparently the 21-year old man fell asleep on the bus while listening to music, only to awake after finding his music abruptly stopped and a young woman with her boyfriend holding his phone. This lead to a small scuffle and everyone getting off the bus. While the woman’s bf made a getaway, she wasn’t so lucky. Determined, the alleged victim continued following her.

Fearing for her safety, the lovely citizen then called 911 to report the man following her. When police finally arrived, they found the victim with cuts and bruises. After noticing what appeared to be an imprint of a phone in her pocket, they discovered she was not only in possession of the victim’s phone, but 3 grams of crack as well. Okay, now that explains everything. Crack. Not even once, guys.

[Ars Technica]

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