Woman steals man’s phone, calls 911 after he wont stop harassing her



We’ve talked about cellphone theft a lot these past weeks. Whether it’s avoiding pickpockets or knowing what to do when you’ve left your phone at a restaurant or bar, there’s almost no worse feeling than knowing you may never see your $700 investment again. Of course, stealing someone’s phone and having that person harass you is a side of the coin we never considered because, well — you can’t fix stupid.

But as KOMONews reports, that’s is what exactly what (allegedly) happened to one man according to the Seattle Police Department. Apparently the 21-year old man fell asleep on the bus while listening to music, only to awake after finding his music abruptly stopped and a young woman with her boyfriend holding his phone. This lead to a small scuffle and everyone getting off the bus. While the woman’s bf made a getaway, she wasn’t so lucky. Determined, the alleged victim continued following her.

Fearing for her safety, the lovely citizen then called 911 to report the man following her. When police finally arrived, they found the victim with cuts and bruises. After noticing what appeared to be an imprint of a phone in her pocket, they discovered she was not only in possession of the victim’s phone, but 3 grams of crack as well. Okay, now that explains everything. Crack. Not even once, guys.

[Ars Technica]

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  1. Dumb trick

  2. I tried crack once for 9 months.

    1. Rob Ford, is that you?

    2. Bruno Mars???

  3. Who do these hoes think they are?

    1. Are you Rick’s brother?

  4. I wonder what phone it was.

    1. Crackberry?

      1. hahaha!

  5. And the cop Cracked up

  6. No one said criminals are smart.

  7. Just last week at the cassino on the dance floor a girl I was dancing with managed to get mine out of my pocket I found out when security came up to me and said here is your phone.

    1. guess you thought she went into your pocket for….. *cough, cough* something else ? Or youre one of those dudes that like to wear your trousers like prison inmates.

      1. I didn’t t even feel anything but I did have way too much to drink that night.

        1. No offense intended…sure you’re a nice guy and all, but someone has to say, “that’s what she said” here.

          1. Dam it lmao I did set myself up for that one my good sir.

  8. “that’s is what exactly what (allegedly) happened”

    1. Chris doesn’t touch drugs, but he has been known to hit the sauce a time or two.

  9. Why would anyone try a drug named after a part of your ass?

    1. You’d prefer “cleavage”?

      1. I would consider it.

  10. Wow what a dumbass

  11. How is a phone an investment?

    1. Yea, it’s funny how some ppl treat it that way LOL
      Cherish their iPhones/androids so it still has “resell” values… huh lol, it’s just a phone, get over with it.

      1. Some of us don’t like having hundreds of dollars worth of unused devices laying around that no one will buy (for a reasonable price) because they have a cracked screen or a chip out of the corner.

    2. You don’t consider dropping a few hundred dollars on a device an investment?

      1. No. An investment has possible return value. The only way a phone has that is if it was the first Motorola brick phone from 1973.

        1. Umm if you keep it in great condition and sell it, you get a return on your investment. It will probably not be as much as you paid for it (in reality nothing is unless it’s rare) but you’re still getting a decent chunk of change back. For example, I bought the Moto X Dev Edition for $300, I kept it for three months then sold it for $250 so I was only out $50.

          1. Not trying to be rude, but …… Isn’t a return value mean you profit from it’s original purchase?

          2. A return on investment is simply that, you get money back for selling something. It may be less than you intended and you truly may have not received any “profit” (receiving money above what you paid) but you’re still getting money back for something that you sold, correct? In my eyes something is better than nothing. I’d rather get $100 for a phone that I bought for $300 a year or two ago, rather than have it sit in my drawer unused for months or years.

          3. That is STILL not an investment.
            Has college gotten that bad?

          4. “an act of devoting time, effort, or energy to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result.” (Taken straight from a google search of “define investment”)

            You’re devoting time (looking for good cases and screen protectors) and effort/energy (protecting it from drops/scratches and fixing broken pieces if possible) with the expectation of a worthwhile result (getting money back for something that is in great condition).

            Let me see you try and refute that exact definition. Stop being a troll. An investment doesn’t always have to mean you get back more than you paid for, for example, when you invest in the stock market do you ALWAYS get back more than you put in? No a lot of the time you actually lose money, but it’s still considered an investment isn’t it?

  12. That reminds me of this woman who called the police because the crystal meth she bought was not up to her standards.


    Spoiler alert: She was arrested.

  13. CRACK!!!!! Finally we get a story with CRACK in it. There has been a serious lack of crack related stories in the media as of late. Glad to see this one.

    1. People still smoke crack?

      1. Toronto, Canada’s Mayor, Rob Ford does!

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