Google experiments with new Hangouts that features Messenger-like chat bubbles [LEAK]


Google Hangouts UltraViolet 1

Although highly functional, the current Hangouts app for Android has grown into this bloated mess that not even Google knows how to sort out. While many of you are still waiting around for Google Voice integration, video/voice messages, or maybe even SMS/MMS to arrive (desktop), it seems Google is already experimenting with an entirely new Hangouts for the desktop.

Google Hangouts UltraViolet extension

Leaked by the guys at Caschys Blog the new Google Hangouts for desktop — codenamed Ultra Violet — features Facebook Messenger style chat heads for quickly switching between conversations. These bubbles can be moved around your desktop and in their current state, rely on experimental Chrome features so stability is more than likely on the shaky side.

Google Hangouts UltraViolet 2

Other than that, it seems that’s all there really is to this leak and there’s nothing indicating that this version of Hangouts will ever make its way out of the experimental stage. If it ever does, we imagine Google would want to keep a unified experience across desktop and mobile, so maybe this is a hint of things to come?

[Caschys Blog]

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  1. Facebook will cry copyright

    1. They’re not Apple…

  2. It already has mms

    1. Meant SMS/MMS for the desktop app.

  3. Chat bubbles, happy, happy, joy, joy…..

  4. It has MMS and it’s not bloated.

  5. Cue the lawsuits from the UltraViolet DRM system people.

  6. Who cares? This is stupid. Come on, pretty soon the clothes companies are going to sue each other over the material. hahaha

  7. Poor integration with the Google Voice app. Hangouts can’t even play well with other Google apps. Maybe someday…

  8. Who cares? Where is GVoice integration?

  9. I’ve only used hangouts for texting since it came out

  10. So tired of Hangouts/Voice integration. Voice death or a facelift never happens. I swear these rumors are spread by MountainView.

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