Aug 8th, 2014


Death. Death to microtransactions. Give me a full 30-40 hour experience without asking to reach into my pocket every 5 minutes to pay for “fuel” or “energy.” That’s exactly what the latest big addition to the Google Play Store provide. It’s Square Enix’s Dragon Quest IV, an epic RPG split up into five chapters that follow five different sets of characters as they look to rid the world of whatever nonsense threatens it.

Dragon Quest is an RPG that was well ahead of its time, featuring advanced party systems, turn-based battles, and even mini games at the casino. New to the mobile version is Party Talk which allows you to speak with anyone in your party at any time. They might have some pretty important bits of info to share with you, or they might just tell you to shut up. Either way, we imagine it’s better than them saying nothing at all.

So much does it cost? $14.99, but don’t let sticker shock come over you. Considering you get dozens of hours of potential gameplay out of that without the tricky cash grabs that have plagued the mobile gaming scene as of late we’d say it’s well worth it. Grab it from Google Play if you’re looking for something new to play.