Popcorn Time beta update brings built-in VPN and support for Android 4.0+


popcorn time chromecast

The folks behind Popcorn Time promised an upcoming version of their beta app would bring us free built-in VPN support, and sure enough they’ve stayed true to their word. Beta 2.1 brings that feature as its main attraction, with VPN services being sponsored by Kebrum. Doesn’t seem to be the most popular VPN service out there, but if it’s being shoveled to you for free then we guess there’s no room to complain.

Version 2.1 also brings us support for Android 4.0 and higher, whereas before the app was only ever available for folks running Jelly Bean or higher. That significantly increases the device compatibility list — so much so that Popcorn Time hasn’t even bothered to list the full suite of devices that the app is available for. Here’s a quick list of everything else that’s on tap with this update:

  • Improved, faster download speed!!!
  • Support for many more devices which were not supported before.
  • Smoother watching experience
  • Many bug fixes, including the search bug everyone had issues with
  • improved Chromecast support

Not the most amazing list, though considering what they brought in their previous update we’d say they earn a pass on everything but making the app unavailable. The beta app can be downloaded here for sideloading so be sure and hop to it as soon as you can.

[via Popcorn Time]

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  1. I have always stayed away from popcorn time because of the legality. I’m just wondering can you get in trouble from using this.

    1. I just DLed works great..But I did uninstall.. I’m against piracy. The only time I use the piratebay is to get digital copies of my CDs/DVDs. I have a 200+ CD collection..100+ DVD. to rip each one and name each track is time rip a DVD, on my old laptop, takes a long since I own the original physical format…I am able to DL the digital.

    2. It’s streaming from torrents. Torrents can be tracked and get people in trouble for sharing. As Popcorn Time plays, it downloads temporarily (at least on the PC) and seeds, or shares, the download. Using VPn services, which this now supports, offers an extra layer of protection, but still isn’t bulletproof.

  2. This is blatant piracy. If you can afford a smartphone plan you can afford a trip to the movies or at least $1 for redbox.

    Call me a puppet for ” da man ” I don’t care. A lot of work and money goes into making movies and TV shows and I don’t mind supporting it.

    1. Cool, so this app isn’t for you!

    2. Cool, this app is’t for you then!!

    3. I agree – it is piracy. And it’s awesome.

    4. I agree with this in terms of apps but I’m not sympathetic to the film industry at all. Yes, there are a lot of people who work hard to make movies but how can you feel sorry for them when A list actors and actresses make millions per movie.

      If the film industry is suffering as a result of piracy, try reducing the ridiculous salaries of your actors.

      Last I checked, most major blockbusters have made their money before distribution even starts through the theaters. The rest is just pure profit for some fat executives anyways

      1. that’s a weak argument. the salaries of the actors doesn’t have anything to do with the illegality of piracy. just admit you have no issue with stealing and leave it at that. the rationale behind it just makes you sound ridiculous.

        1. He is admitting that he is fine with stealing – from “some fat executives”. His comment was just explaining who he is fine with stealing from and why.

          1. thus my part about the rationale making him sound ridiculous.

          2. It’s definitely not ridiculous to say piracy is morally acceptable. I feel like Adblockers are worse morally as they take money out of the pockets of the Web services that you use. So while piracy really only hurts the “fat
            executives”, Adblockers hurt all of the small, ad supported websites you visit (like our beloved phandroid). Just because one is illegal doesn’t change the morality of either. Personally I would rather steal from someone with all the luxuries they could imagine than someone who is struggling to get by with their small Web business.

          3. I completely agree with this. Adblockers block the only monetization of a service that is otherwise free. The only reason piracy even exists is because the industry is not adhering to free market principles. They are charging a rate which is excessive for the product being produced. Pirates, recognizing this, would rather steal it than pay the ridiculous costs.

            I guarantee you that if the MPAA and the studios started becoming more reasonable in the value of digital media, piracy would go down.

            Its simple and has been seen in several places. Streaming services are a perfect example. Tons of people sign up for services such as spotify, GMusic All access, Rdio, Slacker, etc. while revenues for stores such as iTunes are down. Why? Because not only are those who used services such as iTunes recognizing better value but so are the people who once pirated that media. I used to pirate songs all the time but now that I have All Access, the convenience and reasonable cost negate the hassle that it would require for me to manually download and add it to my library.

        2. I find so funny when someone calls it stealing. When nothing was actually taken.

        3. Is it though? Lets put this in perspective. The film industry in its first several years made money exclusively from theaters. Then, at some point, they realized that by using distribution, they can make even more money to pay for the inflated salaries of actors and actresses. If you actually think that an actor is so good that they deserve $9 million to make a movie then that is ridiculous. I am sure there are thousands of actors and actresses with the same level of talent that never get a shot. Why? Because people only want to see the familiar faces.

          The way I see it is that it is extortion. Just to go see a movie now is $18 locally. For this money, which once cost $6 (far exceeding the rate of inflation) have the theatres improved? Nope. Has the screen and audio improved? Marginally. Oh wait, they have the VIP theatres now. Guess what, those command a premium to $24 a seat. So, let me get this straight, just to watch a movie they have tripled the price over the last fifteen years, added nothing, then the theatre that they do improve they charge even more?

          On top of that, I do support the industry but with perceived and more realistic value. I pay my monthly due for Netflix because $8 a month is a fair price. What is not fair is what they charge if you are not viewing on an ala carte basis. Do you really think it is worth $19 for the privilege of owning a single digital copy of a movie? A digital copy that literally cost nothing to produce. No packaging, no inserts, no physical media. They simply take a file that they already have and distribute it through channels with their only cost being the commission that entities such as Google Play and iTunes take.

          All of this withstanding, this logic does not apply to independent productions. When you see a small studio or independent producer go through the struggles to make a film based entirely on artistic merit, that film deserves your hard earned money. Half of the time the large studios don’t even try any more. Instead, they create overproduced garbage to appeal to the masses and then proceed to overcharge it.

          Bottom line, you go ahead and continue to financially support this model so I can view it for free.

          Thank you.

  3. It’s probably worth noting that this isn’t the open source version of the app.

  4. It should be noted that the new 2.1 beta required me to uninstall the previous version first.

    1. I was able to install on top of the old beta. Note 3 Kitkat. Runs much better than the previous iteration, it’s actually usable now.

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