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PlayStation Mobile sounded like it’d evolve to be an awesome service back in 2011 when Sony Ericsson introduced the Xperia Play. A phone with a built-in gamepad that could play PlayStation classics? Sign us up! Except we only ever got a few games, the phone it launched on was underpowered (severely limiting the titles that Sony could port to it) and the service only ever supported a small subset of phones (including pretty much any decent Xperia phone and many of HTC’s flagships).

So where is it now? Dead. Well, dead for mobile, anyway. Sony has announced that they’ve only committed to keeping PlayStation Mobile available for current Android devices up to Android 4.4.2. While they say Android 4.4.3 or higher may work, they can’t guarantee it and they won’t be able to support folks who upgrade to newer versions of Android going further.

They’ve mentioned that they will no longer be bringing new content to the service for mobile phones, though users of PlayStation TV and PlayStation Vita will be in for consistent treats from here on out. That said you can still access and download the games you’ve already bought any time you’d like, just don’t expect to be surprised by any new additions. Sad, but hey — we hear Android gaming is doing pretty well these days. There should be more than enough in the Google Play Store to keep you busy.

[Sony via PS4Daily]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I had that Xperia play… Seeing that photo brought back a lot of bad memories… Underpowered is a nice way of putting it. I would use more colorful language because It was the worst smartphone I ever owned.

    1. hahahha same! it was my first “smartphone” Well….. I wouldn’t call it smart. It lagged sooooo bad, had the worst possible battery life, and after some time the LCD wouldn’t work unless you smacked it around a bit. so that phone ended up breaking under 5 months, mainly because i smashed it to pieces after I got cheap Nexus 4 from google. And now last sunday I bought the LG G3. Loving it so far!

      1. Ooof, man you held on longer than me. I took mine back after a little over a week and ate the restocking fee. I even managed to get credits on my next att bill for the 2 psx games I bought from the Playstation mobile during the short time I had it. Even att felt sorry for me LOL.

    2. I thought they looked awesome and initially wanted one really badly as I was itching to upgrade from my lagtastic OG Droid at the time. But the specs were holding me back and I’m glad I didn’t get it. It launched around the time the Thunderbolt did, so I wanted an LTE phone, which the Play wasn’t. It also only had 512 MBs of RAM (when 1GB was becoming the standard and there was 768 MBs in the TB) and like 400MBs of usable internal storage, which was pathetic even at that time. The only thing that seemed nice on it was the stereo speakers, but that wasn’t nearly enough to get me to buy into it. Instead I opted to wait for the Gnex, which was a massive upgrade from the OG Droid, but it still had plenty of issues while I had it.

    3. Mark you have never told a lie!!!!

  2. When Xperia Play launched I looked forward to playing old PSX Namco games like Tekken and Ridge Racer.

    I waited and waited, and, to the best of my knowledge those games were never released.

    I ended up not buying the Xperia Play because of a weak game library.

  3. The idea was pretty good It was truly ahead of its time. I think with the tech of today internals of a note 3 or better and the proper manufacturer this would be great. There are plenty of great mobile games but I can’t stand not having physical buttons. Id really enjoy my title’s stored with me superG nes app. I thought about purchasing one of these used but the internals were just too weak but I would definitely get one of its redone properly.

  4. They should’ve re-released it with higher specs and a better screen. Then I might have bought it. I thought it looked awesome.

  5. You know what dick heads! I’ve discontinued supporting any Sony products after your vita bull shit!

  6. Sony should focus on making new games strictly for android instead of trying to sell old games in price of brand new HD android games.

  7. What are you guys on about? I bought my (last) Xperia Play 15 months ago, and it’s still as new. Put it in a case and screen protector from the start though. And it works flawlessly, some NEWER games lag but I don’t play those much. And there IS a way to play Tekken and Ridge Racer on it, and many more PSX titles.It’s called PSXPeria. The only disadvantage is being stuck on Android 2.3.4, but not a big deal for me…

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