Aug 5th, 2014

Humble Mobile Bundle 6 is out, folks, and there are some interesting titles you’ll want to check out here. One of them — Threes — is a game I’ve drained countless hours into. It’s a puzzle game that has you sliding numbers to combine them and make even bigger numbers. It all starts out with the simple combo of 1+2 = 3. From there, 3 can only be added to 3. 6 to 6. 12 to 12. So on and so forth. It’s addictive and that game is probably worth the $3.49 for the entire bundle. Here’s what else is on tap:

Pay anything to unlock:

Pay More than the average ($3.49 as of this post) to unlock:

You’ll also get the soundtracks for each respective games in case you find yourself falling in love with their tunes. Each game is DRM-free, and can easily be downloaded right from your smartphone using the Humble Bundle app.

humble mobile bundle 6

Unfortunately game updates aren’t synced up with Google Play counterparts, so you might be getting updates late (and in some unfortunate cases, not at all). Knowing that, if you still wouldn’t mind dropping a few coins to help out charity (you can split the proceeds up however you wish) you can head right here to take advantage.

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