LG G Watch Charging Cradle lands on Google Play, grab a spare/replacement for only $20


LG G Watch charging cradle

Ah, we knew it was only a matter of time before LG started making available accessories for their LG G Watch in the Play Store. As G Watch owners ourselves, the one we were most concerned with was the charging cradle, LG’s proprietary method for charging their smartwatch. When the smartwatch first launched, if you misplaced your cradle you were completely bum out of luck as there was no way to replace it.

Thankfully, the wait wasn’t too long and now we can all rest easy knowing there’s a replacement available. At $20, the cradle wont come cheap, but it’s your only option until 3rd party options become available. Buy a spare (or replacement) LG G Watch Charging Cradle via the link below.

Buy on Google Play: LG G Watch Charging Cradle

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  1. I can’t help to think it’s overpriced.

    1. I mean, it’s got a really powerful magnet inside. Those are expensive, right? Lol

      1. You also gotta factor that they probably pay royalties to apple for using a rectangle with rounded edges too. That’ll help jack up the price.

    2. I’m sure you spent $20 on crap more stupid than this.

  2. I have a Samsung Gear Live and the tiny plastic clip that keeps the charger in place broke. I called Samsung for replacement yesterday and spent nearly an hour on the phone with the support team. He told me the initial estimate to replace would be 70 USD. I’ve only had the watch for less than a month and was apoplectic when he told me the price. How is this not part of a warranty replacement? I own quite a bit or Samsung product, but if this is the customer service I get, I’ll switch to LG or HTC.

  3. How about that Quick Charger 2.0 charger for the HTC One M8? Where dat at?

  4. No power needs

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