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Wondering how Google pulled off some of the tricks they used in this year’s Google I/O app? As they do each year, Google has made the entirety of the app’s source code available for you to dig into, borrow code from and use however you please. Whether you just want a snippet of code or want to use it as the basis of an entirely new app, it’s all available at this handy Github destination.

Google’s IO 2014 app showcases everything that embodies modern Android development, from basic concepts such services, fragments, notifications and content providers to integrating with Google products and services like Cloud Messaging and the Google Drive API. It even gives early examples of coding for Android Wear and using Material Design for making your apps look the best they can be.

Google says they’ll be going even deeper with follow-up articles that go into technical detail about some of the things they did with this year’s app, such as the IOSched source code and other unique elements found throughout. They also plan to update the app in the months to come so you’ll want to subscribe to the aforementioned Github page if you wish to follow along. Go forth, awesome coders, and bring Android the apps it deserves to have!

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