Man responsible for Moto G now oversees all Motorola products in latest management shuffle


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To say Motorola is in one of the longest transitional periods we’ve ever seen is an understatement. That’s what happens when ownership of the company changes hands twice within two years, we suppose. With that, it’s not surprising to see Moto continuing to make strategy adjustments and management changes, and another big round of them have been announced today.

The biggest thing to take away from today’s moves is that the guy responsible for the Moto E and Moto G — Charlie Tritschler — is now in charge of all of Motorola’s products. His new title of Senior Vice President of Product Management gives him reign over Motorola’s product development, product marketing and ecommerce. It was a role once held by Rick Osterloh, though that gentleman relinquished it when he became Motorola Mobility’s new president.


This no doubt spawns from the success of said products in not only developing markets, but also in North America and Europe — hard for any consumer to turn down a pretty decent smartphone for as little as $100. They performed so well that they quickly became some of Motorola’s best selling products of all time.

Motorola’s also steering hard on a new strategy that sees them placing more emphasis on the global market (whereas the Google-owned Motorola was content with the American pride route). With that, a few regional sales leads have gone into corporate vice president roles:

  • Jeff Miller, Corporate Vice President, North America and Global GTM Operations
  • Sergio Buniac, CVP, Latin America
  • Magnus Ahlqvist, CVP, EMEA and APAC

Finally, Adrienne Hayes has been named senior vice president of Marketing and Communications for her part in the Moto X, Moto E and Moto G campaigns. Change is often uncertain, but no less exciting. Can’t wait to see how things shape up for Big M moving forward (hopefully beginning with what we’ve been calling the Moto X+1, as well as the highly anticiapated launch of the Moto 360).

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  1. Hopefully he doesn’t screw up the next Moto X. Best non-Nexus Android phone there is. All it needs is an SoC/camera refresh and better calibrated OLED. Form-factor is perfect.

  2. My son has a moto G and it’s a great phone. Not only for the low price, but in general. Great screen and speed, very good camera and software. If they don’t screw up the launch, the 360 and the replacements of the X and G must be a great success

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