T-Mobile announces new value-packed family plan, but only for a limited time


If T-Mobile didn’t already show the other guys they know sheer value, perhaps today’s move will make it hard to miss. Magenta has announced a new Simple Choice family plan that gives considerable savings over the competition. A family of four can get unlimited talk, text and data (10GB of which are 4G LTE) for just $100 per month. To give an idea of how that stacks up to similar offerings from the other guys T-Mobile put together a handy little chart:


Not too bad, right? Now for the catch: the offer is only available between July 30th and September 30th 2014, and the plan will only afford you 10GB of data until January 2nd 2016. After that, the plan reverts to 4GB of 4G LTE data (1GB per line) at the same $100 per month, but you’re obviously free to add more where needed.

We’re not sure whether to be happy that T-Mobile is continuing to shake things up with huge moves like this or sad that other carriers can’t follow suit. Either way, this is the type of stuff that breeds limitless competition, and it only results in what’s best for consumers.

[via T-Mobile]

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  1. Can’t find any info on families of 3 or 5 or how that will work?

    1. It won’t..This is a direct hit at the AT&T commercials In which they advertise 4 Lines 10GB for $160…

      1. Yeah.. F*** AT&T and their Lily girl.

    2. It will not apply to 3 lines or less. But you can add $10 for a fifth line and it’ll receive the 2.5gb of high speed data also.

    3. For that price, just get the plan for the family of four and adopt someone. :D

  2. Holy crap that’s freaking amazing! Unlimited data and texting in over 120 countries at no extra charge!? And it’s only $100 per month. If I had used my Sprint upgrades last month I’d have gone to T-Mobile without a doubt.

    1. Won’t they pay your etf to switch to them? So it’s like it you never used your upgrade then.

    2. Aren’t they still paying the ETFs? That’d be an option.

      1. They are but I’d still need 4 new phones because I’d be going from Sprint’s CDMA to T-Mobile’s GSM network.

  3. Dear T-Mobile. Come to the mountains

  4. If only TMO had decent coverage where I live.

  5. Smart move by T-Mobile. Get a family of 4 hooked for almost 2 years and they will probably stick around longer.

  6. Of course, while T-Mobile won’t charge you for data overages after each line hits 2.5GB of data, they WILL throttle your data speeds as usual. Move along, nothing to see here.

    1. They never said they wouldn’t. At least being throttled is better than being charged extra.

      1. From 20-30Mbps to 0.2-0.3kbps. No, it isn’t any better than being charged extra, especially if you’re a heavy data user and hit your cap early in your billing cycle.

        1. They’re not hiding it, it’s right there on the terms. If you prefer PAYING when you go over, you must be the only one wanting a bigger bill.

          Your speeds are off. My sibling goes over and still manages to watch YouTube and listen to music.

          1. My speeds aren’t off. Edge is not fast. No better than EVDO 3G nor really faster than 1XRTT.

          2. Yeah I can do barely anything once I’m throttled. Simple pages take forever to load, complex pages are out of the question, and even navigation is rendered useless.

  7. Being at Sprint on the framily plan seems like a good deal, but I use about 6gb a month alone

  8. It’s just a sale targeted at a competitor, not something intended to change anything.

    1. But the consumer still wins…

  9. This makes me want to activate my old T-Mobile SIM cards so I can get an extra 2.5GB…

  10. This makes me consider switching from verizon. It’ll be interesting to see if this affects t-mobiles current structure for their other plans. For instance If my family switched right now we’d want 4 lines, w/ 1gb or 3gb, 3gb, 0gb(so i guess 1gb), and either 3,5,unlimited, for the 4th line to match our current usage. That would currently cost somewhere in the $120-150 range, but since currently 4, 1gb lines would be $100 and 4, 3gb lines would be $140, I’m hoping they just drop all prices by $10 per line (above 2.5gb) or something who knows?. which would make my cost $100-120.

  11. It’s a good value as far as our current cell phone market goes, but the plan automatically downgrading to 1GB data per line reminds me of cable company tactics.

  12. I’m still on my AT&T unlimited data although its not unlimited since they throttle you at 5GB.

    1. why not switch to T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan? the kind that doesn’t throttle you, no matter how many gigabytes you download…

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