Jul 20th, 2014


Right now it seems the hottest aspects of Android Wear surround either rockin’ custom watch faces for your smartwatch or going to extra mile and hooking up a custom band for your wrist computer. If you’re anything like me and you’re a fan of Google’s new Material Design language, you’re going to love Convergence Watch Face for Android Wear. This custom watch face is filled 8 different color pallets that mimic Material Design’s FAB (floating action button), allowing you to customize your watch face to your own liking all the while sporting color variations that complement one another in a pleasing manner. While the FAB is fabulous, the the most exciting feature of this watch face surrounds movement. The floating time elements move around the watch face based on your movements, thanks to the gryoscope inside your smartwatch.

To install Convergence Watch Face for Android Wear, just hit the link below and then select Convergence from your installed watch face gallery. There’s no companion app needed as all color pallets are selected through the watch face itself.

Enjoy Material Design fans!