Jul 21st, 2014

google now reminders from google

Google’s added a quick new feature to their desktop and mobile website that should make life easier for those who rely on Google Now reminders. You can now set reminders right from within Google Search with a simple search query.

Typing something like “remind me to go grocery shopping” or “remind me to get pizza when I’m in New York” will not return typical Google results — you’ll see a box that allows you to set a reminder for a certain time or when you reach a certain location.

When that time comes or when you do mosey over to that place, you’ll get a nice reminder through Google Now either on your phone, your tablet, your Android Wear smart watch or your Chrome-equipped PC. It’s small, but it’s nice for folks who can’t bring themselves to speak commands (like in an office environment) or if you don’t want to do too much typing on small displays. Give it a shot over at Google.