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If you haven’t checked out Android Forums this week, you’ve really been missing out. Below we give you just a small sampling of threads you absolutely have to take a look at, from more OnePlus One backlash to finding the perfect cheap phone for Android experimentation. Let’s get this started

OnePlus One Yellow Screen of Death

OnePlus One yellow band issue

The latest fiasco concerning the elusive OnePlus One revolves around the phone’s display. Perhaps you’ve heard of a nagging issue where those that have managed to get their hands on the device are disappointed to find a slight yellow tinge to certain areas of the phone’s screen. OnePlus hasn’t exactly handled the issue well, passing blame to the display manufacturer while taking a defensive approach when dealing with customers. As expect, the hot-button issue has become the source of much discussion at Android Forums.

The age-old question: why isn’t wireless charging a standard feature?

Nexus 4 wireless charging banner

Wireless charging is a nifty technology with numerous useful applications. It eliminates the fuss of messing with a flimsy microUSB cable and adds a layer of convenience to what is often considered one of the most annoying aspects of owning a smartphone: making sure its battery stays charged. With that in mind, user lkasdorf wonders aloud why the features hasn’t become ubiquitous. Sure, a handful of smartphones include it out of the box and most major handset releases offer wireless charging kits as aftermarket accessories, but isn’t it about time that this hassle-free method becomes the standard?

Finding a cheap phone to practice advanced Android techniques


One of the best aspects of being an Android user is the large and devout community of modders, hackers, and developers that dedicate their time to producing custom ROMs or otherwise pushing Android hardware to its limits. For unexperienced users, there is some hesitancy in diving into the root and ROM scene out of fear of bricking their daily driver device. It makes sense that a cheap Android phone could be acquired as a sandbox device for learning some of these advanced skills, but which to get? Our money is on an older Nexus device.

Reactions to MH17 tragedy


Following news of a second Malaysia Airlines crash only months after the mysterious disappearance of Flight MH370, Android Forums users reacted in real time and continue to discuss the MH17 tragedy. Reports indicate the plane was shot down by an undetermined source while flying over a disputed region in eastern Ukraine.

And more…

If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for your own account at Android Forums to become a part of the discussion. Who knows, your next thread might even have what it takes to end up in next week’s From the Forums. Until then, happy posting!

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  1. I’ve been loving this series…

  2. While wireless charging is a nice option to have, I prefer to have a fresh battery in my pocket from a stand alone charger and keep from tethering my phone to anything. Guess if I could throw my battery on a charging plate for the same price as the stand alone charger it would be a cool fad, nothing more.

  3. I expected wireless charging to be one of those standard features we saw in every cellphone moving but was disappointed after seeing all the 2014 flagships launching without it.

    While wireless charging is really useful (for me), it’s just not something everyone uses so I can understand why OEMs leave it out in order to shave a few pennies off production costs. Of course, I guess the same could be said for SD card slots or front facing cameras…

    I’m sure once Apple adds wireless charging to their next phone it’ll become this new standard. -_-

    1. I have had wireless charging on 2 phones (Palm Pre and Nexus 5) and I agree with you. I can’t believe this isn’t a standard feature by now. It’s so much more convenient! I’d much rather have wireless charging than other dumb features. (Such as fingerprint scanners or even NFC)

  4. The convenience of Qi wireless charging is something I’ve come to love. I’m going to miss it using the OPO coming from my N5. I have a pad at my couch, my night stand and at work and it’s great. No more fumbling in the dark or forgetting in tethered and ripping the cord out of the phone. I’m hoping a mod arrives for the OPO soon.

  5. T-Mobile just got volte in NYC on my note 3!

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