Android Wear build KMV78X rolling out to Samsung Gear Live [UPDATED]


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UPDATE #1: It appears that “Call a car” support via Lyft, previously reported as being “new” in this build, was already available for Android Wear devices including both the Gear Live and G Watch. If you’re experiencing an inability to use Lyft via Wear, try opening the Android Wear app from your phone, opening settings, and selecting the resync option.

We’ll update this post with more information once we’ve got it.

Samsung Gear Live owners are being graced with a new over-the-air update this evening that brings their devices up to Android Wear build number KMV78X. Seeing as the previous build number was KMV78V, it seems highly likely that this build only includes a minor bug fix or two.


At this time we’re seeing that the “Call a car” action is functioning properly. Previously, even if you had the updated Lyft app installed on your phone, the Android Wear companion app would not allow you to choose Lyft as a default service. Now you can.

At the time of this writing the LG G Watch hasn’t started to receive the same OTA, but seeing as the “Call a car” command doesn’t currently work, I doubt it’s too far behind. Are you seeing any noticeable differences on your Samsung Gear Live? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. KEWL.
    Hoping a stable version of this can be flashed to the GEAR2 & still somehow manage to have the I/R Blaster & camera operable….

    1. Anything is possible. Getting a working camera and IR Blaster though… that’s a long shot. I guess it all depends on how dedicated the developer is and how much free time they have.

      1. Exactly.
        Not knowing squat about development,however,it ain’t easy,that much I know.
        Any effort,whether successful or otherwise,will be greatly appreciated.

        I suspect SAMSUNG will introduce an ANDROID WEAR w/such sometime down the road,sooner than later,as they churn out lots of hardware varieties on a seemingly weekly basis.
        GOOGLE left the customization door open via add-ons,as long as it doesn’t bastardize the O/S & look & feel.

  2. Gonna test this out in a few minutes I hope…

  3. Just got the news that some paid apps are not working in android wear. This is so crappy. Its best to use free apps like Photo4Tune – which have the best features of whatsapp, snapchat and facebook without the annoying features of either. You can download it from google store for free. The best thing is it is always free to use! And that’s a yay for me!

  4. I heard that paid apps are not working in android wear which is sad. I for one use free apps like photo4tune mostly – which have the best features of whatsapp, snapchat and facebook without the annoying features of either. You can download it from google store for free.

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