Sony’s “selfie phone” seemingly confirmed as leaks pour in



Sometimes a phone’s launch is preceded by months of leaks and speculation. Sometimes the first inkling of a new device doesn’t surface until mere hours before its official launch. Such is the case with the Sony Xperia C3. That’s the rumored name of a new device sporting a front-facing flash that showed up in leaked photos via the Esato forums along with word that it could launch as soon as tomorrow. Sony quickly followed with an official tease of their own via Twitter that all but confirms the arrival of the new device on July 8th.

Sony’s “selfie phone” looks to lean heavily on what looks by all indications to be a massive front-facing camera combined with frontal flash. It will no doubt be central to the phone’s marketing push as the Japanese company seeks to take advantage of the narcissistic impulse exhibited by many to take an almost infinite number of self portraits via their mobile devices.

With the selfie craze reaching critical mass, it isn’t that bizarre of a move on Sony’s part. Several other manufacturers have made strides in improving the front-facing cameras found on their phones with selfies in mind. Companies including heavyweights like HTC and Samsung have been increasing the megapixel ratings of their front-facing sensors, moving toward wide-angle lenses, and implementing software enhancements focused on selfies. Sony, however, would be the first to treat the front-facing camera as a true equal to the rear camera and flash that has become a standard smartphone accoutrement.

More photos of the device have since surfaced via ePrice, but little is known about what else we can expect. The only other hardware info that has been gleaned is the presence of a 2500mAh battery. Given the target audience, we expect to see a midrange device to compliment Sony’s line of Xperia Z flagship devices.

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  1. While not much of a selfie taker, I’ve though a front facing LED would be good for video chat. Placement is key, however. At less than arm’s length, it might be tough to illuminate the face, but keep it from irritating the eyes.

  2. “Tonight on CBS 6 news a young teenager was killed in a horrific car accident. Apparently the teenager was attempting to take a “selfie” when she was blinded by the wonderful flash of her new phone and struck a telephone pole. Her last photo taken was a beautiful one that automatically uploaded to Instagram and has already received thousands of likes! I’m A. Hole reporting from CBS 6″

  3. A whole new light? The picture looks so dark! They need to have an app that turns on the notification light during a Hangout or a selfie to give more light.

  4. Looks dark as hell… is this a joke?

  5. The Z2 hasn’t even landed here… when will this phone be available? lol

  6. I’m going to look up specs on this phone but first let me take a selfie

    1. Not bad.

  7. LG G3 turns the whole screen bright white. It works quite well.

  8. Since when did Samsung move toward focusing on selfies, I coulda sworn they still used 2.x mp on the front, HTC is truly showing love to selfie takers

  9. Big market for this.

  10. Is there really a market for people who want a bright light suddenly shone in their eyes?

    1. That’s what I’m saying. And that flash is there for like a good minute trying to focus and stuff. Hail no!!

  11. seems like they would of done this a long time ago, not just the flash but at least a decent front camera instead of the web cam quality crap they make standard now. with the exception of the m8

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