LG G3 coming to AT&T July 11, G Watch available tomorrow



AT&T has announced the availability of both the LG G3 smartphone and the Android Wear-powered LG G Watch. The G3 will go up for pre-order tomorrow, July 8th, and will begin shipping by July 11th when the handset becomes officially available for purchase. The G watch goes on sale via AT&T’s web store tomorrow and will reach brick-and-mortar outlets on the 11th, as well.

Customers can expect to either $24.17 per month or $29 per month for the G3 when choosing a zero-down  AT&T Next option for either 12 or 18 months. The phone will also be available for $199 via the more traditional two-year contract model. The G Watch, which has been on sale via Google Play since last week, will retail for $229.

Customers purchasing the G3 will be treated to half off certain LG accessories for a limited time. This includes snagging a G Watch for only $115, but the deal can also be applied to LG’s Quick Circle case, LG Bluetooth headsets, and more.

AT&T will be the first US carrier to have the G3 on sale but will be followed shortly by the T-Mobile on July 16th and Sprint on July 18th. Verizon is the sole member of the big four to have not announced plans for the release of the G3 on their network.


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  1. I would strongly consider getting this if it had built in wireless charging. I don’t want to rely on a flip case. I didn’t see it mentioned so I doubt it has it like the overseas versions. Stupid US carriers.

    1. The website says the circle case will provide wireless charging, so I guess you are screwed.

      1. I figured this would happen. Stupid carriers trying to nickel and dime everyone.

    2. This is where I think they do it backwards. I think if the phone had wireless charging built in, more people would be likely to buy the charger. I don’t think most people even know what wireless charging is since almost no devices have it built in.

  2. Where are the lg tone infinum’s?

    1. Didn’t even know about those. They seem pretty cool!

  3. oh yes~ finally!

  4. Verizon may not have officially announced it but evleaks has a screenshot with 7/17 as the release date.

    1. Good luck with that… I can’t say I miss the hope and wait nonsense with verizon. Hope and wait almost always turned into never gonna happen. Or they’d release something after it was already irrelevant.

  5. Advertisement I saw.

  6. How much do you guys think I can get for a like new G2? Just got a free replacement yesterday covered under the warranty.

    1. I’m thinking a little over $300 probably if its in that “Like New” condition. Depends on what carrier too tho.

      1. It’s on craigslist right now for $350. I’ve gotten a few nibbles but no bites yet. I literally took it out of the box yesterday (replacement device). I’m hoping to get at least $325. AT&T.

    2. I’ll give you $200 right now no eBay fees or anything.

      1. Thanks but I’ll pass IAN

        1. $230 is all I got but it yours if you wanna sell.

  7. 200 around here is what people are getting (Cleveland)

  8. If it wasn’t for the poor reviews on the display and battery life, I’d probably get this.

  9. I’m ready for the G3, but m also really bummed about the missing Qi charging like the Korean variant comes with. I’m sick of these carriers changing hardware because they want to sell you more stuff. I don’t want the dang flip case.

  10. Why is no one asking or telling which version ATT is going to be selling?

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