Jul 7th, 2014 publishUpdated   Jul 8th, 2014, 11:21 am

OnePlus One never settle

Seems like after the reveal of any major Android release, users start getting restless, wondering if the devices they recently paid a small fortune for (or plan on purchasing) will see an update to the latest firmware. As one of the biggest Android updates since Ice Cream Sandwich, Android L is no different. And while the next version of Android is still in an early preview state, manufacturers like HTC didn’t waste any time in letting their customers know an update to Android L for their flagship line would indeed be coming.

In an attempt at nipping customer questions/complaints/concerns surrounding Android L in the bud, newcomer OnePlus is now letting members of their forum know that, they too would be updating their flagship OnePlus One to Android L, committing to a release within 3 months of a final build (none of this preview stuff). With full time software development being handled by the folks at Cyanogen Inc., this really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

Still no word from the Cyanogen Inc regarding the news, which is a little odd considering they’re the ones technically responsible for getting out new versions of Android to the OnePlus One via their own modified version of the stock Android experience. We also couldn’t help but notice how very un-CyanogenMod-like the announcement was considering during Cyanogen’s pre-inc status, the team was well known around the dev community for avoid requests for ETAs. Guess things change.

Update: Cyanogen Inc. has confirmed to us that they too have committed to the launch timing (of course), and it wasn’t just OnePlus blowing smoke.

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