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lg chromebase

Looking for a new desktop all-in-one that doesn’t break the bank? LG’s ChromeBase is already a decent deal in that regard, but it got a bit better with a sale Amazon’s put on. You can get $20 off its typical cost, bringing us from  $349.99 to $329.99. $20 might no be the steep eye-opener that pushes you over the edge, but it’s still worth considering a purchase if you need a desk-bound all-in-one without many frills.

The ChromeBase features Intel’s Celeron 2955U processor clocked at 1.4GHz, and also features 2GB of RAM, a 22-inch 1080p display, 16GB of flash storage, 3x USB 2.0 ports, 1X USB 3.0 port, and 802.11 a/b/g WiFi. It weights a whopping 9.5 pounds, though that’s expected for a device that’s not meant to be carried on your back or in your lap. Last we checked the ChromeBase came with the standard 100GB of Google Drive storage space for two years if that 16GB isn’t enough for you.

Chrome is bound to become a very viable operating system despite its roots as a browser-based platform. Many apps are beginning to incorporate offline modes, and Google announced forthcoming functionality that allows Android apps to run natively on Chrome OS. It certainly wouldn’t be a bad purchase for your average student, light user or anyone who doesn’t need to do any heavy lifting.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I want to PC game with a ChromeBase so it ain’t too much of an option just yet

  2. I honestly wasn’t even aware that it had launched. I’d heard nothing on it for months.

    1. Same here… I saw them previewing it at some event and never heard of it again

  3. This would be great. I’d set it next to my gaming rig and browse the web on it while I use the other rig for power stuff.

  4. Just FYI…. The screen can also be used as a secondary display, therefore… If your not a fan of chromeOS…at the very least you have a LG brand 23 inch full HD monitor :)

    1. It’d be better to spend $350 and get a 27″ Qnix 1440p PLS panel.

  5. £193 is a great price, well not that it would be that price here with our shitty taxes. £330 more like which is a no.

  6. I feel like chrome os was meant to be portable… I don’t quite get the reasoning behind having it on a desktop. I don’t have enough desk space for 2 computers, and I couldn’t use a chrome os computer as my only machine..
    I guess it’s good if you’ve got a massive desk :o

    1. Or… Ya know, don’t have piles of paper and God knows what laying around for weeks.

  7. This is actually the ideal product for my needs right now! I have an iMac in my bedroom and my mom loves to use it instead of her laptop for watching movies and shows as she likes the iMac’s stationary TV-like positioning for long-term watching, unfortunately this ends up with wars over who’s using my mac. This way, since she’s just going to be streaming the movies online or off of her external harddrive anyway, it could be like a streaming TV without having to pay a thousand bucks for an all-in-one that she won’t use to its full advantage. INTERESTING. Something to think about.

  8. I understand Chrome OS on a laptop since it’s mobile and meant for lite processing but why tie down a desktop to a dumbed down OS?

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