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One of the most exciting announcements at Google I/O was Chrome OS devices being able to run Android apps. During the demo they showed Evernote, Flipboard, and Vine running on a Chromebook. It’s not exactly clear how Google is doing this. We don’t know if the app is actually installed on the device, if it’s being mirrored, or if there is something else going on. One thing we do know is it was awesome.

We’re sure many of you saw the demo and immediately started fantasizing about using your favorite Android apps on a Chromebook. Unfortunately, Google says they won’t be able to support every Android app from day one.” Only a few handpicked apps will be available at first. For the rest Google is asking for users to chime in with their favorite apps. You can hit the link below to fill out the super simple survey. All you need to do is paste the Google Play URL of the app you want to suggest.

So, what apps are you going to suggest?

Android App Chrome OS Survey

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