Report: Samsung launching Android Wear smartwatch at Google I/O



We’ve known since the initial announcement of Android Wear that Samsung was an Android Wear ecosystem partner, however we haven’t heard any official statements coming from the South Korean company on the matter since. Other OEMs such as Motorola and LG have made their plans known publicly, Motorola with their upcoming Moto 360 and LG with their G Watch.

According to CNET, Samsung is set to launch an Android Wear powered smartwatch next week at Google I/O along with Motorola and LG. CNET’s sources tell us that two models are being developed, one with Samsung’s own processor and one with a Qualcomm processor – only one of the two will be on display in a matter of days.

We know that Samsung was recently pursuing a trademark on the name Galaxy Wear. Additionally, a slightly smaller smartwatch from Samsung recently passed through the FCC bearing the model number SM-R382. According to FCC documents, this smartwatch comes equipped Bluetooth, WiFi, and is 13mm shorter than the Gear 2, which is 37.9mm x 58.8mm in size. This unannounced device could be Samsung’s upcoming Android Wear smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Wear SM-R382Of course, the above could all be wrong and Samsung could announce some sort of retrofitted Gear 2 running Android Wear instead of Tizen. Thankfully Google IO is just around the corner to set us straight.

Source: CNET / SammyToday

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  1. Do you think they’ll wanna continue focusing on their Android partnership or start putting most of their eggs in the Tizen basket? Android has helped make them billions, how successful would a Tizen-based smart watch be compared to a Samsung model using Android Wear?

    1. I don’t think a Tizen based smartwatch can be successful, at least not for a while. The Tizen ecosystem is virtually nonexistent. Meanwhile, every single Android app is already compatible with Android Wear thanks to the Notification Listener service built into Android 4.3 and higher. Tizen has quite the uphill battle.

      1. Well now I’m even more eager for I/O, I’m very curios where their smart watch game is going to go. I can understand Samsung wanting to be less reliant on Android in general but like you and many others I can’t see Tizen being the thing that gives them more independence. We got 2 1/2 (sorry Windows) very established mobile OS in the world, why do they believe Tizen has a real chance?

        In my very unqualified opinion a smart watch is the only place I see Tizen being anywhere near successful for Samsung in the next couple of years.

        *edit* This relationship Samsung has with Google reminds me of the one the Unite States has with China. Very wary of the other but both dependent on each other economically.

        1. I just don’t see how TIzen can take hold. Windows at least has an OS that is used on computers, so one could potentially want a watch or phone to sync well with their desktop. Android and Apple both have well established customer bases. So even though Apple will only work with other Apple devices, I think they will be just fine. Samsung already experienced poor sales with the Galaxy watches as they would only work with specific Samsung devices. I just cannot fathom why they think introducing a new OS will drive customers to want this. I’m confident that it will only work with Samsung devices which is a deal breaker for many (me in particular).

          1. Plus, which other OEM will want to license what is essentially Samsung’s baby (yes, I know there is a “Tizen association” but it’s really Samsung behind the curtain).

            Tizen is a hedge against increasing Googlefication of Android (which is now happening). Problem is, most people like the Google integration, in my personal case it’s what swung me toward Android in the first place!

          2. Tizen would already be on an island as it is, making it further restricted to only Sammy devices would be just incompetent.

        2. Wow, completely ignore blackberry.
          Unless Blackberry and Windows share the 1/2, which seems accurate enough.

          1. Hehe… Sorry RIM! They’re much easier to forget these days but I suppose they would share the 1/2 with Windows in my reference. Oh Blackberry…

  2. i really like the gear but it has no apps, i traded it for the sony smart watch 2 and im having better experience

    1. I hope they make android wear a bit like the pebble app where you can customise things and even have a few games.

  3. This plus the Note 4. Yikes. Must have, especially if it’s made along the lines of the Gear 2.

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