Jun 20th, 2014

Anyone who has been witness to T-Mobile’s transformation over the past couple of years knows that the company’s bold moves and stance also come with bold attitudes and words. The boldest of those words often come from CEO John Legere, who is historically unapologetic in cursing up a storm at his company’s press events or on Twitter.

John Legere

But even he can realize when he’s being just a bit too brash and goes too far. At the company’s Uncarrier event this past week, John Legere made a comment about the other wireless carriers “raping you for every penny you have.” This would be the first time he’s ever apologized for something he’s said at one of these events.

“The drawback to having no filter when I speak… sometimes I need a filter. Genuinely apologize to those offended last night,” Legere said on Twitter. “I know I have an Rated R vocabulary, but even I can go too far. Sincere apologies to anyone offended last night.”

The phrase wasn’t meant to be used as an offensive tool here. The “cool kids” of the internet (often gamers) use the word “rape” in similar fashion — not the action of having intercourse with a person without their consent, but any action where someone is beat or “owned” so bad that they’d regret waking up that morning.

Some folks have unfortunately gotten desensitized and have forgotten the true meaning of the word and how it can affect some people. Your natural inclination might be to tell those folks who are offended that they need to stop being so soft and fragile, but rape is a powerful, hurtful and despicable action that simply shouldn’t be joked about.

And while all the protesters in the world won’t get little Jimmy or your other Xbox Live friends to stop using it in such a way, you have to be a bit more careful as the CEO of a major cellular corporation. Good on John Legere for manning up to his responsibility.

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