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Well, well, well, look who finally announced a phone. The long-rumored Amazon phone has finally been unveiled. As with all new Android devices (yes, the Fire Phone is still based on Android) we like to compare them with the best on the market and equal counterparts. The Fire Phone is not the most spec’d out device you will ever see, which is why we’re comparing it to the mid-range Moto X and the flagship Samsung Galaxy S5.

As you can see, the phone holds its own against both devices, but it’s clear that the Fire Phone is not about specs. While you and I may look at this chart as an indication of whether or not to buy it, Amazon’s demographic doesn’t care about screen size or processor power. The Fire Phone was built from the ground up to make it easy for consumer to buy stuff and use their services.

What do you think about these specs and the Fire Phone? Do you care about a device that doesn’t try to win the spec war? Are you invested in Amazon services enough to want this phone?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. AT&T Exclusive, $650, no Google Play. No thanks.

    I love Amazon, I love Prime. But I will be passing on the Fire Phone.

    1. $550 if you consider a year of Prime is included. Still too expensive though.

  2. Jeff must of met up with Rob Ford before this announcement because AT&T only is a horrible crack like decision.

    1. He really must “of”…

      1. Woopsies.

      2. No, Tony was right: “must’ve” is a contraction of “must have”.
        If you’re gonna be a grammar Nazi then get it right.

        1. …and slang “contractuals” work for me.. should’a, would’a, could’a, might’ve, gonna… …neologisms are fine (IMO), long as they reflect how people actually talk and make sense in context… …just like TXT conventions.. ..LoLz, IMO, FYI, btw, WTF, WTH, *smh*, etc., etc.

          “Internet English” or “internetese” are totally a thing by now….

          1. As long as there’s no totes or perf.

          2. Brill observation, Dwight… :-D

        2. There’s no such thing as “must of”. It’s a common mistake folks make. I don’t see what you’re on about calling someone a grammar nazi.

          1. There’s definitely been at least one edit in Tony Aldo’s post, perhaps two.

            When I first came here and commented, Tony’s post said “must’ve” which is correct. Your reply underneath appeared to be a snarky reply telling him it should be “must of” (incorrect). So I replied to you in an equally snarky manner.

            Since then, Tony has edited his post to say “must of” (incorrect). I don’t know why. I am also now questioning whether he had already edited his post from “must of” to “must’ve” prior to me coming along? I really don’t know and I’ve actually lost interest in replying any further. Have a nice day!

  3. How can you say that the Amazon thingie can hold it’s own against the Moto and the GS5. Have you compared the camera, OS, just to name a few against either of those phones? You understand that it does not support the Google Play Store? Waste of time, when you have real specs then write the article.

    1. I didn’t realize an app store was a “spec.”

      1. It might as well be when it can’t even be added to the device.

      2. people these days think everything is a spec…they think screen savers are considered a spec

        1. My phone is clearly more spec’d out than yours, it has more stock wallpapers.

  4. Amazon Fire phone belongs in a fire, don’t want, don’t care.

    1. Best reply yet.

    2. Have fun with that battery in the fire.

      Get some febreze or something!

  5. It has too many negatives for me to even think about wanting to buy one, or suggesting it to a friend.

  6. I wonder if you can use the 4 front cameras to take a picture? Where dat video review at?

  7. I’m deep in Amazon services, but only their software and such. Hardware hasn’t drawn me as Google’s Nexus has attracted me more.

  8. This phone is not meant for people on this site so keep this in mind when commenting. Its more of a competitor for the iPhone than android.

    1. This phone isn’t meant for anyone.

      1. It seems like it is ment for moms and dads who are not tech savy… however.. they included these insane 3D fad features that only tech savy customers WOULD be interested in.. but those customers will know that it is overpriced and nowhere near worth the price point and loss of google play store

  9. > You understand that it does not support the Google Play Store< Is this true? That can't be correct right?

    1. Amazon store ONLY.

  10. No Google play store is a total deal breaker for me. Not to mention the price. I was expecting Kindle Fire type prices. This phone is not worth what they’re asking.

    1. wow for real??? uhmm….. WTF?????? WOW, if that is true.. even less people will buy it once they find out.

      1. Not necessarily, the people bound to buy the device already have kindle’s I’m sure and know Amazon appstore is just as good as GPlay. They have about the same major apps. In comparison to gplay I haven’t found an app thats in the Gplay and not the other ymmv though.

        1. Most of the big names are in all of the app stores. But if you’re looking for those custom launchers, the automated apps, things such as or any of the awesome Google services, they are not to be found. So, if you like Google Now, if you take advantage of the all-you-can-eat streaming and caching of Google Music, run Tasker, love Cover, are cool with Chromecast, enjoy GMail, etc….you get the picture.

        2. “In comparison to gplay I haven’t found an app thats in the Gplay and not the other ymmv though.”

          Hitman Go
          King of the Course Golf
          Metal Slug Defense
          Worms 3
          Dragon Quest VIII
          Deadman’s Cross
          HD Widgets

          I could keep going…

        3. Lolwut. Not sure if serious. Amazon appstore doesn’t even have snapchat, one of the most popular apps in the world. Not to mention all those little apps that use Google services that the fire is incompatible with unless you can manage to get a root and a workaround.

    2. Phone plays on the weaknesses in the other phones .

  11. Missing Fire Phone Specs:
    Display: 4.7″ HD LCD display, with 1280 x 720 resolution at 315 ppi, 590 cd/m2 brightness (typical), 1000:1 contrast ratio (typical)
    Battery: 5.64 ounces (160 grams)
    Size: 5.5″ x 2.6″ x 0.35″ (139.2mm x 66.5mm x 8.9mm)
    Battery size: 2400mAh. Talk time: up to 22 hours; standby time: up to 285 hours. Video playback: up to 11 hours; audio playback: up to 65 hours.

    There are 5 front cameras, but only one of them is a photographic camera.

    All of it here:

  12. This thread’s absolutely positive on it… …compared to the big stream of invective on the Verge’s thread… …I’ll be surprised if it’s any kind of hit…

    ..OTOH, I don’t expect Amazon to give up on their push into devices and OS’s any time soon…

  13. No play store is a deal breaker for a phone at this price of $650 for the 32gb and $750 for the 64gb… Of course its worth noting that there is no less than 32gb of onboard storage in comparison to any other device at the same price.

    Free Prime is worth it for you get music, videos, 2 day shipping however on that note 2 day prime is questionable as there have been numerous cases where it took the standard mailing time in which I complain to amazon about and they have resolved. The content available free with prime in reference to music is songs they already play on the radio over and over rarely any non mainstream artist is going to have content free with prime music. Amazon primes tv and movies is ymmv situation doesn’t offer everything good there are few movies not free to watch that I’d like to see there. In close Prime as separate services are mediocre but together is a great value. Netflix and HULU are better and Spotify and other streaming apps are better.

  14. Amazon Fire Phone…You are so FIRED!

  15. Why is “FireOS” listed as the OS but “Touchwhiz” isn’t on the S5?

    1. To be an official “Android” device you have to pass Google’s test suite and play nicely with their rules. Touchwhiz plays nice and passes all the tests, and as such is an official Android device. FireOS doesn’t. Since they aren’t officially “Android” they don’t have to play by Google’s rules, or pass any of their test suite.

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