Amazon Fire Phone now available for pre-order, launches on AT&T this July for $200


Amazon Fire Phone listing

If you saw our announcement post, you already learned everything there is to know about the all new Amazon Fire Phone. Featuring Amazon’s new Dynamic Perspective UI and Firefly recognition technology, it’s time to talk pricing and availability. Confirming rumors, the phone will be exclusive to AT&T when it launches on July 25th for $200 with a 2-year agreement (32GB model), or $100 more for the 64GB model.

For those looking to buy the phone off contract, you’ll find the 32GB model retailing for $650, or the 64GB model for $750 on Amazon. Both variants are available for pre-order and come with a full year of Amazon Prime (a $100 value), unlimited Amazon Cloud Drive storage for your photos, and tangle-free stereo earbuds. You can find both models via the Amazon links below.

Buy on Amazon: Amazon Fire Phone 32GBAmazon Fire Phone 64GB

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Amazon Fire Phone vs. Galaxy S5 vs. Moto X

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  1. So disappointing on price.

  2. They have to make up for ATT Prime data, free data while using Amazon services

  3. Amazon, you’re about $150 too expensive on all accounts…

  4. A solid device for those really into Amazon’s services. But for me, I’ll pass.

      1. It’s the MILF phone.

      2. lol soccer moms in mini vans :-p

      3. The only problem is… they already got that thing called the (as much as i hate to say it) iPhone.

  5. The $100 difference in 32gb is insulting One Plus has a phone with better spec and is $300 cheaper

  6. I don’t see any reason to buy this phone…

    1. Especially since it is limited to AT&T.

  7. That’s odd. I’d heard that one of the big things about this phone was that since it’s more a conduit to get people to use (and buy) Amazon content that the devices themselves would be cheap. These seem to be priced about the same as any other phone at that tier, which is a strange decision on Amazon’s part.

    1. Same here, was thinking they’d do like the kindle.

  8. Pricing made this DOA. Amazon should have made this about their in house content. Unless you’re getting it through an AT&T subsidy, nobody is shelling out that kind of money for a proprietary device.

  9. $200 is way too much for the HW it offers… more like $49..

    1. I felt the same way about the Moto X when it launched.

  10. garbage. old people who use att might buy this but I don’t see many other people picking this over a g3, gs5 or iphone. another flop from att . this will be a penny on contract in about a month lol

  11. Given the off contract price, restriction to Amazon apps, no assurance of updates to the latest Android OS and restriction to AT&T = No Sale for me. Bezos is a pretty smart guy – I don’t understand how he messed this up so bad.

  12. FAIL if its on AT&T doesn’t even say what version Android it’s running or if it is Android

    1. That’s because it will be running a forked version of Android like their tablets.

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