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amazon-1Ever since Amazon announced the first Kindle Fire Android Tablet we’ve been waiting for the company to enter similar territory with an Android Phone. Now they have as the company has just announced their very first smartphone: the Amazon Fire Phone.

This is sure to attract a ton of attention, a ton of customers, and a ton of discussion. For all three of those – especially the latter – you can now visit our Android Fire Phone Forums on AndroidForums.com!

  • Do you like the announcement?
  • Would you consider buying one?
  • If not for yourself, how about for family and friends?
  • What would have made the announcement better?
  • Does owning Amazon Prime, a Kindle, Fire TV, or being a frequent Amazon Shopper make this any more appealing to you?

Discuss this and much more at on the Amazon Fire Phone Forums… and of course in the comments below!

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Amazon Fire Phone officially announced

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  1. Bundle this phone w/a sensibly priced plan (unlimited everything), & I’d consider.
    Otherwise, this doesn’t pique my interest at all.

  2. Sounds like a nice phone to flash an AOSP ROM onto.

    1. Yeah, because all those cameras are going to work great without Amazon’s proprietary software. /s

  3. Nah still an Iphone guy. Iphone will always win no matter what.! https://vidd.me/34L

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