Sony Xperia Z2 gets exclusive ‘Live on YouTube’ app, a feature not even found in the official app


Sony Xperia Z2 Live on YouTube app

While those of us in the US are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Sony Xperia Z2 (a leak suggests a “special” version is being prepared for Verizon), Sony continues supporting the device with exclusive new applications. The latest is a Live on YouTube app which offers a handy feature not even the official YouTube provides, giving users the ability to broadcast a live streaming event straight from their Xperia device.

Somewhat of a handy tool for bloggers covering live events of some sort, we’re not entirely sure how useful this will be for the everyday-man. Still, you can never have too many options and we’re sure someone out there wouldn’t mind sharing their life with loved ones be it a concert or other event. Just make sure you bring a portable battery charger, this is sure to suck up a considerable amount of battery life over long periods.

Live-on-YouTube app

Those of you already with an Xperia Z2 in your possession can get started right now but first, you’ll need to enable the “Live events” setting in your YouTube settings here. While you can find the Live on YouTube app on Google Play, those that prefer to sideload (perhaps you’re running an Xperia Z2 ROM with another device) can find a direct download to the apk here.

[via XperiaBlog]

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  1. What about the Z1S booooo

    1. Have you tried it? Works on my Z1 compact, works on the Z1. You can sideload the app on the Z ultra. I’m sure there’s a way to get it to work.

  2. Just downloaded it to my Xperia Z1, it’s also compatible ;)

    Way to go Sony!

  3. So this means I can broadcast my amateur porn live on YouTube now.

    1. There’s always that one person…

  4. I really feel sorry for “the people in the US anxiously awaiting the arrival” of the Z2. I was unlucky enough to be able to buy it (I am in Europe), and it is one of the worst buys ever: the phone is buggy, the best touted features hardly work (can’t record 4K or time-lapse video for more than a few minutes, normal video for more than 20 minutes [all this due to camera overheating]), audio-call quality is terrible, etc.

    Sony support is basically non-existent (the help-desks can’t really help you with anything serious), and firmware updates which apparently address some of these critical issues, are pushed in an alarmingly lazy manner.
    They hide behind the statement that it’s the carriers responsibility to validate and push the updates, but when it is for such serious issues and for one’s flagship phone, I would expect them to be much more serious about it.

    1. Sounds like you got a lemon

      1. Actually, it’s not that simple, and deep down I wish it was just my device that is a lemon…
        The problems are very widespread – just take a look at the official Xperia Care thread for the Z2 at

        The funny thing is that most reviewers rave about the device whilst most users have issues with it.
        I wonder if it is Sony PR at it’s best…

        1. I know a few people that have the phone and they rave about how awesome it is. The 4k heating issue is a legitimate concern. Aside from that I haven’t heard about any other ongoing issues or bugs. In reality though, no device is perfect and they all have bugs; it just comes down to what your willing to cope with.

          1. I agree with you.
            I guess what really, really bugs me is knowing that there is a fix available (the 2 firmwares that have been released improve a lot on these and some other issues), and that I have no way of getting it.

            Even worse, not even an indication on when it will become available.

            I know this is a known plague of the Android eco-system (i.e.. no central distribution), but it’s so frustrating…

          2. Sony should post the updates on their support site if they are not going to push them out quickly. I can definitely understand the frustration. Aside from the video bugs it looks like a solid device.

          3. have you tried to get the updates through their “PC Companion” software? google it, you don’t have to wait always for the OTA updates.

          4. Yes, I have.
            I have tried all the desperate measures (Sony Bridge on a Mac, SUS, and PC Companion).
            I’m stuck with a carrier that obviously has other priorities, which is understandable I guess. Why Sony allows it is beyond me….

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