Google IO 2014: Sponsoring the Big Android Meat and Greet


Big Android BBQ Bacon Explosion

Next week, thousands of press, enthusiasts, and developers will make a pilgrimage to San Francisco for Google IO 2014, Google’s annual developer conference. Besides getting the details on the latest advancements with Android, Chrome, and other Google services, conference attendees the can partake in various area events aimed at providing IO goers with evening activities – read parties. For the very first time, the minds behind the Big Android BBQ are bringing their show to Google IO, providing mouthwatering BBQ, locally brewed beers, and a chance to network with various like minded folk from around the Android community.

Phandroid is proud to announce that we’re sponsoring the first ever Big Android Meat and Greet at Google IO 2014. The Big Android BBQ is one of the top events that we attend and we’re extremely excited to help bring this special event to Google IO and the Android community this year. Rob Jackson, Steve Albright, and I will be at the BAMG event next Thursday, June 26th, between 5pm and 7pm at Wearable World in San Francisco doing what we do best – party and geek out. Thanks to our friend Josh Muñoz at Android Etch, all BAMG attendees will receive a specially made laser etched Phandroid pint glass. Who doesn’t love free swag?

Last fall, Android Etch was born thanks to a successful Indiegogo campaign where Josh announced his goals to create Android swag and goodies for fellow Android enthusiasts like you and me. Since then, Muñoz has been using lasers to etch various Android themed logos on pint glasses, shot glasses, coffee mugs, and coasters.

Josh is hard at work making Phandroid pint glasses for our swag giveaway next week. Check out his video below to watch him unbox glasses through Google Glass and etch the very first Phandroid branded pint glass. Let us know what you think of the finished product and we’ll see you at Google IO next week.


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  1. That tube steak looks tasty ;)

    1. That’s Ray Walters’ take on a ‘Bacon Explosion’. It delicious. I could feel my arteries hardening when I ate it.

  2. Can’t wait to drink one too many out of those! Anyone else going to the Meat & Greet?

  3. Congratulations guys!

  4. Nice meat! Have fun guys!

  5. Sausage fest 2014…

  6. Wtf man u guys get BBQ while we’re at home doing nothing?

  7. hahaha… thats cool :P Phandroid.. u guys are great :)

    what else google got for I/O ? Check it out!!

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