Jun 5th, 2014

Tinder screenshots

We first told you guys about Tinder — an app centered around creating matches with people you found interesting/attractive — when it first debuted on Android only almost a year ago. Since then, we’ve seen the app get a full visual makeover and in a new update rolling out now on Google Play, the app is attempting to break away from its previous stigma as being solely about dating/flirting with others.

All new is a feature Tinder is calling “Moments.” Essentially, they’re Snapchat-like temporary photos that can be sent to all your matches and expire after 24 hours. Pretty neat for dropping a simple hello in the form of a selfie (please, guys — no dick pics), these photos can be edited with filters or even drawn on just like on Snapchat. Your matches can then like or unlike your photos (just like in the main part of the app), after which you’ll be able to see all the activity in a whole new tab.

Tinder Moments update

Because not everyone is comfortable with downloading a “dating” app, Tinder sees their new picture messaging as a great way to spark a conversation with matches and even hints at a future update that will help the service further move away from its dating roots. Yes, because I need an app to help me find new “friends” based solely on their looks. Right

Download on Google Play: Tinder