Tinder “dating” app for Android updated with new UI and user-created lists


Tinder for Android

More of a flirting app, then a full-on dating service, Tinder is getting an overhaul today in the Google Play Store. The first major update since we first told you about the app back in July, the update brings a brand spanking new UI along with user-created lists to help organizes matches.

For those unaware, Tinder works almost like speed-dating, where initial attraction is paramount in deciding matches. Users are presented with the profile pictures of men/women where they can quickly select “yes” or “no”, speeding through hundreds of users based on specified age or location. If someone you’ve liked likes you back, it will create a match and you’ll then be permitted to message that person. Because Facebook is a requirement to play, there’s some level of comfort knowing (at least some) of your matches are actual people.

Tinder Lists Android

Because things can get a little crowded, Tinder has made it possible to group matches into their newly created lists page. Lists can be named anything you’d like, from “Easy chicks”, to “Potential Love Interests”. Whether you’re looking for love or new friends, Tinder is a super fun app and you can download it for free right now on the Google Play Store.

Download on Google Play: Tinder

Chris Chavez
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  1. You single people and your flirtingness….

    1. Just admit it, u wish u were single for at least 1 day again and not being nagged by the wife

      1. *sobbing*



      2. I can’t admit it….my wife would kill me.

  2. “Easies”… yup Chris wrote this one, lol.

    1. Originally named it “Easy Kills” but that sounded kinda weird to be posting on Phan. O_o

      1. Lol, no that would have been better

        And what’s this “out of my league” list? Rarely such a thing as long as the guy is confident!

  3. And it makes for a great feature on Radio 1…

  4. True story I’ve met some pretty cool girls on Tinder; highly recommended

  5. Just tested it out

    …. White women

    … White women everywhere lol.

    No slide towards white women but I think I saw 1 Asian woman and two black.

    I flicked through for about five minutes.

    Makes me wonder how it’s set up. I know plenty of Thirsty black women in Baltimore that hop on every dating app.

    1. Weird, it goes according to your area and where I’m from (California) I was flipping through just about every race. Maybe CA is just more diverse. *shrugs*

      1. Maybe. I’m in Baltimore and there’s plenty of black women here. As far as I know.

  6. Ohhhh really……………cool

  7. Chris Chavez’s hair makes him the most desirable man on Tinder

    1. Correction: Chris’s HAIR is the most desirable man :D I’m balding, I think i’ll get myself a “chavez” wig :)

  8. Rule of thumb – if main picture is a group photo, she’s the unattractive one

    1. What if they are all hot?

      1. She took the picture ;)

  9. Why dont you talk about privacy?… All the information that Tinder gets goes directly to third party inluding all the information Tinder collects from your facebook, etc… I will think twice before installing this app.

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