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Phan Favs is a recurring feature that turns the tables and asks you, the readers, about the best apps and games. It’s your turn to drop some knowledge on us! Read more.

We’re back with another edition of Phan Favs! This time we are asking about apps that some of you may have no experience with: apps for kids. Any parent or babysitter knows how much kids love to play with smartphones and tablets. There is something about a touchscreen that seems so magical to young kids. That, or they just like to touch everything.

Either way, there are tons of great apps in the Play Store for kids, babies, and toddlers. We are currently working on a list of kids apps, but we also wanted to get some input from you. If you have kids, or have experience with kids, we’d love to know which apps they enjoy. These can be educational, stories, creative, or just plain fun. Let us know!

How to vote

  1. Upvote the comment that mentions your pick.
  2. If no one has mentioned your pick write your own comment.

It’s as simple as that. Next week we will release our list of best apps for kids with some of the suggestions from you. In order to get a good sample size we need your help in sharing this poll. Please share this poll with any parents you know, or just anyone that has experience taking care of kids. Thanks, and happy voting!

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  1. Minecraft Pocket Edition: Lets kids be creative and really keeps them entertained

    1. That and survivalcraft.. same concept.. :)

  2. Angry birds. My 6 year old is an addict lol.

  3. Itsy Bitsy Spider and all other by Duck Duck Moose

  4. monument valley.. gets their brains working.. 5yr old and 9yr old both love it.. me too. :)

  5. Every Dr. Panda Game, my kid loves them

  6. Also im not a big fan of Rovio but Amazing Alex makes my kid think and think really hard ;)

    1. Thanks. I’ll get it for mine. Your kid will enjoy Barnyard Games too – here’s the link to it’s free version

  7. she’s also getting into puzzles and likes Kids Preschool Puzzles

  8. But really, most of the time when I catch her on the phone or tablet.. It’s Netflix :-/ (kid’s profile, of course).

  9. Bradley C Grimm (giveway games) makes some great apps that my son really enjoys. Right now he really likes the Spot! Animals app

  10. Monkey School Lunchbox. Their second one for Math is ok. But the first one is a hit with toddlers.

  11. Porn Star Secrets…. Up vote me like crazy

  12. My four year old used to like monkey preschool lunchbox when she was 2. Now she likes watching Peppa Pig episodes on youtube.

    My nephew on the other hand loves FartDroid!

  13. The Dr Seuss interactive book apps.

  14. Bounce On and Bounce On 2

  15. Also love playing all the Fire Maple Games together–Secret of Grisly Manor was the best!

  16. For toddlers – Bugs and Buttons.

  17. Every Sandra Boynton interactive book, by Loud Crow Interactive –
    Even I like to play with those pages.

  18. What do you guys use for a launcher? My favorite is Kids Place –

  19. Youtube.

    1. My son will watch people crashing toy cars and toy trains ALL DAY LONG. But we don’t let him.
      Seriously though, who the hell makes those videos?

  20. Toddler Lock – free (with $1 and $2 donate apps)

  21. Touch Bocker:

    I admit I haven’t tried it, but I’m going to in the very near future. My 2yo loves netflix but doesn’t yet understand how touching the screen (or back button) stops playback. If this app works as advertised, then it’s going to be a life saver!

  22. Kindle FreeTime

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