Moto Stream is like a tiny Nexus Q with sharper angles, much cheaper price tag [VIDEO]


Moto Stream 1

Motorola has just introduced their newest accessory for your Android (or iOS) devices. It’s called the Moto Stream and it looks to take your aging speaker system out of the dark ages and into the era of wires-free social audio streaming.

Essentially a tiny Bluetooth receiver that hooks into your speaker system’s aux input, the Moto Stream manages to hide a few tricks up its sleeve. Namely, the ability to connect to 5 Bluetooth devices simultaneously via NFC, as well as hold that connection from up to 300 feet away. Connected devices show up as colored indicators on the Moto Streams face, giving us a retro vibe. For the most part, it’s a lot like Google’s long forgotten Nexus Q, minus all the curves, video streaming, or steep $300 price tag.

Moto Stream 3

Speaking of pricing, the Moto Stream will only set you back a fairly reasonable $50. And while it’s true you find comparable products for a little cheaper on Amazon (even some with aptX), none will look quite as stylish or feature all the same tricks as the Moto Stream. Check out Motorola’s trailer for the Moto Stream as well as a link directly from Motorola’s store should you be sold on buying one.

Buy direct from Motorola: Moto Stream $50

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  1. Want

  2. It is so cute! If I purchased it, I would probably only use it purely as decoration.

    Or make my large amp wireless and even more obnoxious!

  3. looks like fun! doesn’t ship to canada. good thing, there’s only 35 million of us. small market.

  4. I’m probably the only one finding this thing utterly ugly due to colored panels. What is it, 80-ies? Soundlights? I’d buy it for 5 device BT hub, but I’m hoping for all-black model.

  5. Does the Stream support APT-X?

  6. I miss the Nexus Q. Yes it was over priced, no I never bought one. But I really liked how it had an amp built in so all you had to do was hook up some speakers. I really liked the orb shape too.

  7. 300 feet is amazing, Thats 10 times normal bluetooth (and a lot of bluetooth equipment is lucky if it even gets half of the 30 feet its supposed to), and thats 3 times the range of indoor wifi. I wonder what magic is running this, i dont see a giant antenna or powersupply? Seems like this should be a little cheaper considering its basically the audio equivlant of a chromecast.

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