Moto 360 prototype looks flippin’ huge compared to the LG G Watch


moto 360 prototype

In a piece titled “An Android Wear Design Story,” the folks at the official Android Developers blog are giving us a nice little behind the scenes look at developing for the upcoming LG G Watch and Motorola Moto 360. Well that’s all good and dandy, the focus online is quickly turning to a prototype of the Moto 360 that’s gaining attention.


While showing off the differences in layouts between the G Watch and Moto 360 — one with a square UI, and the other with a circular one — we’re treated to a nice comparison of each device, not only as it sits on the wrist, but in comparison to one another. The result is a surprising,  “Holy damn, that Moto 360 is one big ass smartwatch!”

Now keep in mind these are only prototype devices. It’s possible Motorola has shrunken down the Moto 360 considerably in the time between this prototype and the upcoming retail version. We just don’t want you getting your hopes up. After seeing this hefty Moto 360 XL, has this screwed up anyone’s opinion of the smartwatch?

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  1. Nope, I still like it!

  2. Sooooo beautiful! o_O

  3. It’s not any bigger than some of the big flashy regular watches like the G Shock and such. I’m still interested.

  4. umm.. Haven’t we already seen a much smaller version worn in the interviews given by Motorola. I don’t think they went back to the design team and asked for it to be made larger and less appealing? …I sure hope not anyway. I wont be buying this larger version. The smaller one we have already seen, yes.

    1. Possibly just looked smaller on a bigger arm.

  5. I would probably still buy it… Big guys need big toys.

    1. FTFY: “Big *boys* need big toys”

  6. Eww. It’s going to be nothing but a G thang.

  7. I’m thinking It’s huge due to it being circular. Those corners had to be made up for somewhere. Reason why I prefer square when it comes to smart watches.

    1. Pretty much my thinking.

  8. I dunno, I’m a relatively skinny guy with relatively (who am I kidding) small hands. I’ll definitely need to try this thing on before I buy it.

  9. Bezel makes it a no go for me. Shame. The circular screen would have been so cool.

  10. Big is good.

  11. When is the damn thing coming out?

  12. Dont idiots today love “big ass watches” ? Id prefer small and rectangular. Im waiting to see what HTC puts out. As ive said before, i wont be touching anything with the name “moto” on it. Might as well call it Fisher Price.

    1. Good for you. Would you like a cookie?

      1. Yes, Oatmeal raisin please.

        1. Oh god, you’re one of those people

          1. Hook me up with a peanut butter one while you’re in the kitchen.

  13. That looks nothing like any other photo/video of the Moto 360. Why should we believe this is the form factor when nothing we’ve seen yet confirms it?

  14. Smartwatches needs to die… How useable is it if you can’t use it on a sunny day?

    1. Guess you have haven’t tried the Pebble Santa, otherwise you would know that it’s transflective display is extremely readable in sunlight (much more so than a phone)

  15. They both look just as big, and just as stupid. Get back to me when smartwatches and fitness trackers are the same thing, and not made by Samsung (which needs a Samsung phone), and don’t look lame as all hell.

  16. Holy hell… I like the style, but unless the guy in that video is a Hobbit, that’s too damned big. That looks more like a smartclock Flava Flav would wear than a smartwatch.

    1. Did you see him, I’m pretty sure he is a hobbit.

  17. Are you sure that’s not a Nest on a watchband?

    1. Love it! You, sir, have just been featured.

    2. thanks to dave im not letting google doop me into 2 purchases!

      1. Don’t let them dupe you into it either. ;-)

        1. And i especially won’t let them dewp me

  18. I remember in a video by verge I think moto 360 was on the wrist of a googler and it looked pretty normal sized.

  19. Originally the photos released made the device look well proportioned. Recent photos have had me thinking the watch face is too large. This just confirms it, I hope moto go with a smaller face for the final retail model.

  20. What about the one on the designer’s wrist? Doesn’t look that big in there! What’s going on now Moto?!


    1. Maybe there’s two versions. Classy and Nixon styles.

    2. Keyword: PROTOTYPE.

  21. I am ready to buy it.

    Ian B

  22. I for one, actually love that huge watch! (b/c I have huge hands and wrists-woo!) :O take my money!! *pelts coins at them*

  23. The watch is normal in size. The guy wearing it is just incredibly small.

  24. The future of smart watches will be a transparent OLED over a standard mechanical watch.

    1. Or eInk combined with Spritz…

  25. That looks more like a smartclock Flava Flav would wear than a smartwatch.

  26. I still would buy.

  27. Shut up and take my money!

  28. I was hoping that it would be a nice big size.
    (Not what she said -__-)

  29. Better patent “wearable with circular design” before Apple does and tries to sue the underpants off Motoroogle.

  30. Take my money moto

  31. Everyone calm down, obviosly this is just the model that pairs with the moto E.

  32. doh..! the moto360 looks way too big… maybe I’ll consider the LG or see if Moto release a smaller version

  33. They both look very big. I’m going to wait for more info on the iwatch. Hopefully it will support android.

  34. Holy sun dial Batman!

  35. that’s a wablet if i’ve ever seen one. i like big screens, i’ll take it!

    1. LOL. Does this come with a stylus?

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