Contract-free Verizon Moto G now only $50 [DEALS]


Motorola Moto G Best Buy listing

Last week we told you guys about a wicked deal on a contract-free Motorola Moto G for Verizon Wireless. Normally priced at $100, the phone saw its priced slashed to only $70 on Amazon. Now it looks like Best Buy is 1-uping that deal, offering the prepaid Verizon Moto G for only $50 straight up.

While you’ll no longer be tied down to a contract, don’t forget that this model will only connect to Verizon’s 3G — no 4G LTE here, folks. Still, even at $50, the Moto G makes an excellent WiFi-only device media player for the kiddies, or there’s even talk that the phone can be activated on a normal Verizon Wireless line (with a contract), just don’t hold us to it. Directions are as follows:

“I bought my Verizon Moto G 4/26/14 and was able to activate it on contract. You just have to bypass the activation screen (hit next, slide down notification bar, bring up task manager and swipe away the activation app) then dial *228 to activate the phone since it is 3G only. Do not try to activate through the My Verizon website, it will not work. I went from a Galaxy S3 to the Moto G.”

Link for the $50 Moto G at Best Buy provided below. Hurry, we’re not sure how long this deal will last.

[Best Buy: Moto G $50]

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  1. %0 bucks for a new digitizer and lcd wish I wasnt so broke right now lol

  2. Thanks for the heads up. My wife and I were on the fence at $70, but for $50 we can’t go wrong. Will greatly reduce my kids grabbing our iPhone 5s and Galaxy S4 GPE. Placed the order for in-store pickup and headed to Best Buy to grab it in a few minutes.

  3. Oh my gosh!! I wanna buy one just because.

  4. Just bought one to try to use on post paid. No go. I even tried calling after I tried the work around and again no go. I tried to use the fact I wasn’t under contract anymore to pursued them and again… no go. I’ll keep waiting for my G3

  5. It’s charging and downloading the KitKat update now. Comes preloaded with 4.3. Bypassing the Verizon activation was easy enough. Just need to order the grip shell and ghost armor then all set.

  6. just got one. My S3 just died. Is using a shitty feature phone. This will come handy as I can enjoy android worlds since I’m switching to iphone this september.

    1. Why would anyone switch to iPhone?

      1. As much of an Android fan I am…its all about preference…. I’m starting to feel the same way I feel about Galaxy phones as I do iPhones. so if you go and switch to an iPhone, more power to you. If your going to a Samsung phone, more power to you.

        1. I get you, I was disappointed by S5 to, got to admit…
          But, I guess that’s what companies like LG are for right;)
          I don’t think anyone was disappointed by the G3.

          1. I sure wasn’t..some nay sayers were focused on the 16gb, 2GB RAM…neglecting the 32gb, 3GB RAM option…this device trumps the GS5…..

        2. Believe it or not there is much more to Android than Samsung.
          While it may sell the best. imho it’s the worst kind of Android.

          But I agree, to each their own, for some users apple’s very simple approach fits them. Personally the LG G3 is what speaks to me.
          But I’ll be on my Nexus 5 for the forseeable future due to budgets.

          1. I hear you. I was going to Get the Nexus 4 at launch, but due to inventory issues with LG, I could not wait…so I went with the GS3 simply because I feel (and still do to this day) like this was the evolutionary device that brought the galaxy name to many hands. This Samsung device was epic and put Samsung on the map, but every iteration since has been stagnant. now touchwiz is so cluttered, it hinders performance. LGG3 is my next device( if there is not a Nexus variant introduced)

  7. No WCDMA radios like some other Verizon phones huh… :( bummer

  8. will this work in india with gsm sims?

    1. No.

  9. So I can use it as simple WiFi enabled MP3 player for kids, right? Without paying a penny to Verizon? Just the price of the phone to BestBuy

  10. Doesn’t seem to include the GPE model, and unfortunately seems to only be the CDMA model here, so… yeah, not an accessible deal here. If the GPE were only $50, well, yeah, then sign me up!

  11. So is this plain vanilla Android, or does it have Verizon bloatware added?

  12. that guy saying that you can activate this device on a postpaid account is full of it. Unless it was a fluke just for him, it doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time or money.

    1. I actually did get the Moto G to activate on postpaid but I think there is a difference based on where you buy the device. I bought mine on Amazon but it seems people who bought it from Best Buy can’t get it to work.

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