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For many an Android fanboy, we know enough about Apple’s shortcomings with iOS not to be swayed by the prospect of a few dozen more applications and games. For many years, we’ve watched as Apple — slowly but surely — began implementing many of Androids best features into iOS, repackaging them as their own.

This year’s WWDC 2014 was no different and those of you that watched the live stream of the event know that Apple was up to their same old tricks, reinventing many features we as Android users have been enjoying for years. We ain’t even mad. They made a good effort. Now, let’s take a look at best 6 “new” features in iOS 8, and see how they compare with their Android counterparts.

Keyboard with predictive text / 3rd party keyboard support


It’s probably the biggest pet-peeve many have had with iOS since its not so humble beginnings: lack of 3rd party keyboard support. Apple confined all its users to their keyboard, and their keyboard only. Why? Because they know best. To be fair, Apple’s keyboard is one of the better software keyboards and for iOS 8 and the inclusion of predictive text (ala Google Keyboard), makes it even better. But that’s only half the equation.

The other half is that after all these years, the new Tim Cook lead Apple is finally allowing 3rd party keyboards in the App Store. I know, it’s almost silly to watch as iOS fanboys everywhere lauded the new move, but when you’ve been in shackles for so long, it’s easy to get excited at the ray of sunshine peeking through the crack of a cell wall. While no 3rd party keyboard apps were specifically mentioned, we did see a mockup of Swype working on iOS 8 and we’re sure SwiftKey is already busy coding up something for iOS 8 as well.



Just like we saw with 3rd party keyboards, we’re seeing another big with the slightly more “open” iOS this year. Addressing complaints since the dawn of iOS, Apple is finally introducing — wait for it — widgets in iOS 8… Well, sort of.

No, you can’t place them on the homescreen. Instead, developers can take advantage of new APIs that they can use to place widgets inside of Notification Center. They’re pretty functional too, showing information like sports scores or eBay auctions. But don’t expect to see the same robust widgets that we’ve enjoyed on Android all these years. As so often is the case, iOS’ implementation is much more simple.

Actionable notifications

iOS 8 interactive notifications

Android’s notifications panel saw a major redesign back during Ice Cream Sandwich and it only got better in Jelly Bean. Apple, still being somewhat new to the concept of notifications (Notification Center debuted back in iOS 5), is now finally introducing new actionable notifications for iOS 8.

Soon, users will be able to interact with their notifications while inside another app, without having to jump inside another app to respond or address a notification. Sliding down a notification banner will display actionable items, giving users the ability to reply to SMS messages, address calendar events, or like a comment on Facebook. Once again, it’s not the same robustness we’ve seen on Android, but something is better than nothing.



For iOS 8, Apple is introducing a handful of new features that brings Messages closer to Hangouts than ever. First up, iOS users will soon be able to send their location to other friends and/or family, handy when you don’t feel like searching for or typing up an address. Also new is the ability to send short video or voice messages. Once again, useful when you’re hands aren’t free to type something out.

If you’ve been using Hangouts on iOS, you’d know that a few months ago they added the ability to send video messages (although it’s not available in the Android version yet). So we’ll hand it to Apple, they done did good. What’s more is messages can be set to self-destruct a la Snapchat and they also added new options for group messaging so users can finally leave group chats, or rename them.

Apple is also making it extremely easy to receive calls and messages from your phone on your OSX computer. Of course, you can do this right now using Hangouts and it works whether you’re using OSX or Windows. However, we will admit, Apple’s implementation is nice in that it works right out of the box with little-to-no setup.

Extensions (sharing)


The crowd went nuts when Apple announced the extensions for iOS 8. Essentially a way for apps to communicate with one another, it’s just another feature we’ve long enjoyed on Android for countless releases. Of course, Apple is using it a bit differently in that developers will first need to enable this feature in their apps. Once (if) they do, it will be possible to open up a picture in the Photos app, and share it to a photo editing app. We know, your minds are blown. The benefit Android has is that sharing is built into the core OS. In other words, “It just works.”

Always-listening Siri

hey siri

It’s a killer feature found on the Motorola Moto X (and technically possible on any Snapdragon 800 device): the ability to send voice commands to your phone without ever touching it. Apple is adding this breakthrough new feature in Siri for iOS 8, allowing users to speak the command, “Hey Siri,” (much like “Okay Google Now”) and further direct the phone to perform searches, or queue up Shazam to identify a song.


Before we leave, we just want to say we’re not trying to start a flame war. Although it can be fun to play devil’s advocate, we get it. At the end of the day, both mobile Android and iOS are great and serve their specific purpose. While we agree that it can be irritating to watch another company bite/copy/steal some of Android’s best ideas, it’s just the evolution of modern software and something that comes with the turf. Borrow one idea, improve it, and so forth.

We’ve felt for awhile now that mobile OS’ will soon match each other in terms of features, and at the end of the day, which platform you align yourself with is your prerogative. Still, when it comes to openness, customizations, and options — we still choose Android.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. It’s too bad Google didn’t try to patent some of this stuff. It’d be fun to watch patent trolling going against Apple for once.

    Or if they did… actually go after them for once

    1. I think Google does have a patent on many of these features, but for whatever reason, they don’t feel the need to stoop down to Apple’s level. They just let the best man win.

      1. They have one for widgets but it doesn’t apply to apple’s method (probably why you don’t see if on the apple home screen…yet). Predictive text input is owned by blackberry and dates back to 2004.

        1. Thanks for the clarification!

  2. Its clear to me why Apple decided to drop its lawsuits… they’d be up the river without a paddle with the features that they added today… blatant… just blatant Apple…tsktsk

    1. They didn’t drop all of them, just the ones against Motorola.

      1. But now Samsung can sue their pants for at least keyboard that on all Samsung devices had predictive input and 3rd party support.

        1. Does Samsung have patents on predictive text or 3rd party keyboard support? I highly doubt it, as those things are in all Android devices, not just Samsung’s, and Sammy isn’t suing other Android manufacturers or Google.

          1. Slide to unlock is also all Android devices, but only Samsung being sued.

          2. That’s Apple’s perogative. My point is you can’t just sue someone because “we had feature X first”… you need a patent (or possibly copyright) violation to sue over. Sammy doesn’t have patents on predictive input or 3rd party keyboard support (AFAIK), so Sammy can’t sue Apple for implementing these things. If somebody does have patents on them, they can and probably should sue Apple.

  3. wow, now who is copying who?

    1. Apple copys current concepts to make it work better and fun to use?

      1. None of these concepts work better than androids versions of them. And nothing is fun to use on a low res 4 inch screen.

    2. What if no one is copying people but just bringing out different versions of the same thing and patenting the differences?

      I mean, a widget is a widget, but how can you make your widgets different?

  4. Hmmm

    1. I want to upvote for the completely accurate statement, but I want to downvote for Comic Sans. So I’ll do neither and just leave this moronic reply.

    2. I’ll fear the Dothraki (iPhone) the day they teach and enable their users to use an app along the lines of Tasker and GMD Gesture Control.

  5. I’m buying an iPhone 6 now.

    1. Good luck

      1. thanx

    2. So you can have the equivalent of a Moto X

    3. Baaaa-aaaaaa

      1. As someone who has owned iOS products and Android, the sheep on both sides are just as bad. So your comment is a bit silly.

        The iPhones may be under spec’d, but they are fantastic devices. I’ll probably be ditching my Galaxy S5 for an iPhone 6 once everything comes out about it.

        1. I ditched my Galaxy Note 2 for the 5s. Once I did, I realized my mistake.

          1. There’s no “mistake.” You just like Android better. Some like Apple better. It’s purely a matter of preference and sheep on both sides are retarded.

          2. Agreed. I’ve had all three (iOS, Android, WinPhone) and they all have their pros and cons. Personally, Android works better for my needs at the moment, but I’m always open to trying another. Can’t get any more idiotic than to militantly pledge allegiance to any corporation, because that allegiance will never be reciprocated.

          3. yeah….but…I must say…that Android has catered to its user base a lot more than any other OS…

          4. Huh, you mean Google doesn’t love me?

          5. I will never be open to a corporation like Apple which restricts everything its users do, lies about the competition and produces overpriced, substandard devices. This is how i see it. Windows should stick to PCs , Android should keep making smartphones, TV interfaces, Tablets, and Chromebooks, and expand into Cable TV and be the global champion it is. Apple should just make displays and games, the only 2 things it seems to be able to do without copying Android.

          6. Your 5S probably felt like a child’s toy after having gotten used to the Note 2. Dat screen… Oohh myy!

          7. Thats like trading your Ferrari for a Ford Fiesta.

          8. I also switched my Note 2. For a Note 3, that is.

        2. well in my defense… I was just kidding…I’m Always Android FTW!!!!!!

          1. Sarcasm and humor dont translate well into a written comment. lol.

        3. Arguably the android sheep are worse sometimes and are outright vicious name callers.

          Not saying apple fans don’t do this as well but android fanboys can be just as bad.

          1. I dunno Mark; try crusing over on iBGR, the apple cores are pretty bad. Everybody is jizzing all over themselves about all the ‘new’ stuff in iOS.

          2. I think the sheer level of annoyance and trolling Apple fans go to to praise an OS that steals software features left, right and centre and calls them their own trumps those on the Android size every time.

    4. It can be fun backing the horse that’s late out of the starting line. Too bad this one’s legs are still stuck in the mud of paranoid levels of control over everything.

  6. iPhones are for highschool girls and ladyboys lol

    1. As a ladyboy, I’m perfectly happy with my HTC One.

      1. Dont think htc falls under that category

      2. Likelihood of you actually being a ladyboy = slim to I-look-like-a-man.

      3. You go girl

  7. Too little too late. I’m back on Android and much happier.

  8. Whatever. I love iOS as much as android. I like what they did with it and will be upgrading to it. Yes android added all that in the beginning but at least it has been done. I will now be able to see if all these android additions to iOS work compared to my nexus 5.

  9. What’s everyone’s favorite browser on iOS?

    1. safari. Cant be beaten.

    2. Chrome. It makes the internet usable on my sisters ipod touch

    3. Doesn’t matter. Every browser runs a safari engine with a skin on top. You would think you’re using Chrome, but youre using Safari with Chrome functionality.

    4. Safari and puffin browser

  10. Some people just aren’t worried about the nitty gritty or having such a high number of choices. Some people just make due with what they’re given. As said above, OS choice is pure preference. Personally, being restricted on something I bought (grandfathered in on Verizon) is putrid. I’m a technology fanboy. I like what’s actually good & allows me to completely customize my device. iPhone does not. My S5 does not. My S4 did. It’s all preference.

  11. I see there is a war coming up. Time to install all the cool apps so that when someone on iOS try to outshine me, I’ll just say, “Oh you mean this?” And do the same thing, but better.

    Then I’ll ask them is iOS still simple if it can do everything that Android does? If they put it on par I’ll ask them why don’t they just get an Android phone is Android is doing everything iOS is doing but better?

    Oh? Did I leave #DoucheMode on again?

    1. No, you turned on pointoutthetruthtopeoplemode. Nothing wrong with that. The average person thinks: 1. smartphone = iPhone. 2. Customisation = not worth my time 3. iPhone = easiest device to use ever.

  12. So. wow. if the next iphone has a 4.7 inch screen, and always listening capabilities, I will entertain the idea of an iphone for the first time since the iphone 3, if and only if they also add NFC. While I’ll listen, i think the moto x+1 will win out as my next phone due to the customization you can have with moto. i’m really interested in the leather back. Plus we all know how expensive the iphone will be. I do admire that apple is in control of its own sowftware. imagine if ALL android phones could get their software updates straight from the play store on the very first day the OS is released.

    1. I’m pretty sure Apple bad mouthed NFC a few years back, so don’t hold out for that feature.

      If ALL Androids had day 1 updates, we wouldn’t have the plethora of options in hardware. Gotta pick your poison.

      1. Apple bad mouths a lot of things they later go on to do once they become staples of android. Like screens bigger than 3.5 inches on phones, 7 inch tablets, true multitasking, widgets. Just to name a few.

        but u are right about the hardware option i suppose.

    2. Always listening only works when plugged in

    3. Couple of points. 1) Always listening…while in the car only. And even IF future devices get a co-processor to do what the Moto X does, you’ll still have to add this as one of the long list of features that won’t make it to older devices. 2) Older devices do not get the newest form of the OS the day of in the Apple world. There is a staggered role-out that takes a few months for the older ones. 3) GPe. Get a flagship device, with updates catered by Google! 4) What Google has done is break down their core apps so that you don’t have to wait to get the upgrade. Keyboard, Search, Calendar, GMail, Camera, Hangouts, etc…updates in Android are mostly for security and back-end smoothness. Major features like the ones discussed by Apple tend to get outed to all users 4.0 and above through their respective apps. For instance…what is so exciting about KitKat? ART is the only thing that comes to mind.

    4. I have a nexus 5 and I DO get all the updates when they are released;)

  13. Actionable notifications are copied from Palm WebOS that had them down instead and from the very start with the Palm Pre in Jan 2009.

    Suggest to take a look on this today forum http://forums.webosnation.com/other-oss-devices/328010-opinion-apple-steals-more-palm-webos-features-ios8.html

    1. I would love to have them coming from the bottom. Much more natural for single hand use, especially with today’s screen sizes.

      1. I actually did that for a while with one of the ROMs I ran, moved the notification bar from the top to the bottom. Alas, I forget which..

    2. You do know the guy talking in this video, is now working on Android?…

      1. Yep he left Palm to Android a year after

    3. Well for starters that isn’t an actionable notification. It just launches the app.

  14. They really have me considering jumping the android ship. I mean, NATIVE wifi calling support? Google, starting off with T-Mobile, should have got off their *** by now and add this to stock Android. Instead, OEMs bake it in the software at the request of T-Mobile and it isn’t the most stable thing in the world. It works better on WP8 and Blackberry. The only thing holding me back is an iPhone that surpasses my HTC m8 with battery life & display size/resolution. The differences between Android and iOS are blurring. You can customize keyboards and even add widgets now (albeit in the notification panel, but still they’re there.) I can still get a good Google experience on iOS unlike WP8 or the dead BB10. The integration with Macs by tethering and handling phone calls by proximity is pretty amazing as well

    1. Wifi calling is a feature I really care about… said barely anyone.

      1. Well it’s a really important feature to me. The point still remains though it wasn’t like a few years ago where there were huge functional advantages to Android and now a lot of the customization argument is going away too. As iOS opens up a lot of the negatives to Android start getting a lot more noticeable. Its so strange to see third party keyboard and widgets yet here they are in their own way.

        1. iOS isn’t with out it’s own negatives even in light of it’s new features… It’s still a very locked down OS… And only works well, if you are using other devices from them… To each their own as I always say… But there really isn’t anything more compelling in iOS in the grand scheme of things…

          1. Don’t really think it’s any better whether you’re using other Apple products or not. iCloud mail etc isn’t that great and as far as anything else goes, the OS’s aren’t really tied together (unless you count safari tabs and passwords etc which is easy enough to do with Chrome). I have a MB Air, an iPad and a SGS5. The SGS5 integrates no differently than my iPhone did.

        2. Groove IP. I have T-Mo, so I get WiFi calling, but I use this to make and receive calls on my Asus Transformer Prime (on Speakerphone, of course)

        3. Im really on the fence here……im still not sure this is English.

        4. I still think that they are going to be playing catch up for the foreseeable future. A couple of good points to this regard are:

          1. No support for third party SMS/MMS clients. This is huge! Some of the third party clients (hangouts included) are excellent and provide integration to a variety of services

          2. No support for third party dialers. This is advantageous in the sense of unique prediction features and web integration ala google dialer.
          3. No third party file manager support. This is probably the biggest ones. The file managers on android (a good example being solid explorer) are more feature packed than the file manager on windows. It is still a huge PITA to move files on and off iOS.
          4. No true third party browser support. Yes, chrome/firefox/opera exist on iOS but they aren’t really chrome/firefox/opera. They are merely a shell of the safari browser since Apple does not permit the apps to use their respective web engines.
          5. MOST IMPORTANT. The ability to set defaults. I can install all the third party apps in the world but cannot set them as a default with the exception of the keyboard now.
          6. Launchers. You can literally completely change the experience on your device to what you like. Some launchers are stark departures from stock with very unique functionality.
          7. No access to overlays for apps. You will never see things such as facebook messenger chat heads or paranoid android halo.
          8. Third party lock screen controls. This is an awesome feature of android, I can control music from third party apps being the most notable.
          9. Daydream. I can automatically launch a clock interface when docked to use as my alarm clock. On iOS, I have to manually find and open the app to do the same.
          10. Wireless charging. This is one of those things that you don’t truly appreciate until you have it, then don’t want to lose it.
          11. NFC tags. I never appreciated or saw a use for NFC until I bought some tags and used them in conjunction with trigger.
          12. LED notification. I am sorry iOS but I don’t need my messages to be displayed to whoever is looking at my phone on the table. That would annoy me like crazy!
          13. IP67 certification. This does not apply to all android phones but is one of the most important features to hit phones ever. Imagine being at the pool with a Sony Z2 without frantically worrying about dropping it in the water.
          14. AMOLED screens. Moto had a winner with its peek notifications. This is another device specific thing but an awesome one.

          There are more but that is what I have off the top of my head.

          1. Gotta save some ground breaking features for iOS 9,10,11,etc.
            Let’s not get too revolutionary now.

      2. Only people that are too cheap to get an unlimited minute plan. Are people really that cheap ? its a sad world.

        1. You know there are people that live outside the US where unlimited plans are not cheap. Here in Australia there may be a couple of cheap unlimited plans but are on less than reputable networks/providers. Good unlimited plans are out of reach for a lot of people and I can only imagine how expensive they are in some other countries. Think outside your own little bubble before you go labelling people.

    2. Wait for Google I/O

      After WWDC I was thinking why users would still use Android over iOS. The list was:

      – NFC. I only use it occasionally, but enough to miss it if I didn’t have it.
      – Customization and home screen control. Widgets in the notification shade is not enough. In iOS, your home screen is essentially an app drawer.
      – Location based controls. Think Tasker or Llama. My phone automatically does so many things (settings, volumes, wallpaper, etc) based on my location or time of day. I can’t live without that.
      – Integrated Google Now. Yes its available on iOS but its an app as opposed to an integrated part of the OS. I use it every day for traffic, stocks, weather, sports, and other glanceable info.
      – General openess. If there is something I want my phone to do, chances are there is a way to make it happen.

      1. Can’t wait for Google I/O…

    3. Keep in mind that while it supports it natively (like Android’s hotspot tethering), it could be subject to specific carriers, more than likely T-Mobile. Again, Android has been doing this for years.

      1. Chris, you forgot to write “Swipe to dismiss notifications”………. iOS8 has that ability now…… just like android…

  15. So interesting reading the comments. Really thought it would be a HUGE flame fest. I’ve used Apple devices since the early 90’s and off and on described as an Apple evangelist/fanboy and occasionally a hater. I always use other platforms regularly and switch once or twice a year. I thought my last mobile phone switch would be my last one as I was tired of the overly simplified iOS for my phone (I still rock an iPad Air and MacBook Air) so got the Galaxy S5 when it came out. I wanted the Moto X but Motorola here in Australia only released a 16GB model which in no way cuts it. I’m really happy with KitKat and think it’s great (not so thrilled in how Samsung have implemented it) and lately couldn’t think of switching back to an iPhone.

    I get the thought that iOS 8 will be an OS to switch back to because despite Google doing good stuff, Apple does seem (IMHO) to implement these things better and ‘prettier’. Time will tell when I update the Mac and iPad to see whether it really is the OS to switch back with or whether I wait for Cyanogenmod to release something for for SGS5 that will keep me happy with an Android phone.

  16. I love how #apple bashes #android in their keynote, then turns right around and announces “New Features” which look and act EXACTLY like features android has had since the old-timey days of brylcreem and poodle skirts. Suck it fanboys, you know you covet androids’ awesomeness.

  17. Has anyone found out more details about the “Hey Siri” functionality? Will this work at any time even with the phone locked and unplugged (like the Moto X)? It sounded like you had to be plugged in for it to work when the phone was locked.

    1. If that’s the case, that would be a major caveat. I wonder why Android devs haven’t come up with something similar for non-Moto X devices?

  18. Ray of sunshine peeking through a crack in a cell wall?

    Surely you mean a ray of sunshine peeking through a crack in the wall of the garden.

  19. want to see android come up with a better design of implementing some of those features, notification drawer and lockscreen need some work. condensing # of stock apps would be nice also. Still no unified communication messaging box to get all your communication messages and social messages in one spot (not talking about incoming notifications) on android or ios…would love to see this

  20. We’ll the artical is so old school. Just don’t delete this because you are pro Andy site. Don’t label me either. This is just what I observed being in the industry for 18 yerars

    UI battles were fought in the Windows 95 days, hardware battles were the thing of the past when Samsung and Apple case days.

    Now look at the bigger picture here


    Apple just thought all the wonderful things they want to do with their new iOS 8 is limited not by the imagination but by the Modern Programing Languages.

    So they just turbo boost the imagination and hit a moonshot, as the only company which is capable of dropping the legacy at will just as one can drop his pants, they just obsolete the world’s most vibrant app eco-system programing language Objective-C in one night.

    Successes by Swift:

    The irony is the industry don’t understand that their core business is still selling fancy hardware. They just use seamless software to elevate that.

    Let the mobile (mostly Android) makers fight for each other cannibalizing everyone just as it happened in Windows PC business (HP, ACER, DELL, IBM, NEC, COMPAQ etc.) 

    What matters is the next wave of innovations leading in the tech industry. The INTERNET OF THINGS that new wave of smart devices driven by future of coding.

    Apple just Swift the attention from the mobile (done) to Internet of Things of interconnected smart devices future!

    Expect the third tidal wave of rich app ecosystem with a zillion internet of things smart devices! iPhones will soon dim the lights and flush your toilets on your command, for real.

    There are HomeKit, HealthKit, GameKit and App extensions and near 4000 new APIs announced that I think it’s the biggest thing since the AppStore came in 2008 itself.

    I have written about it here: http://goo.gl/h7qdPZ

    Let the revolutions begin!

    1. Ugh. I stopped reading after “This is just what I observed being in the industry for 18 yerars.”

    2. Wow, what a horribly written bit of self promotion. -1 internet points for you

  21. Did they really call it “iCloud Drive”?! They couldn’t come up with a better name and just ripped off Google Drive?! How f-ing Lazy is that?

    1. Hey Siri… :)

  22. If the features of iOS8 are similar to Android,
    than who are going to purchase this expensive piece! In this case choose the Android
    platform with so many options at pocket friendly rates. Well, I have latest 4.4kitkat
    version based Galaxy S5 that I am using from last 1 months. I like its 2800mAh battery
    that after fully charged on qi wireless charger, runs throughout the day.

  23. I think my frustration is a result of Apple’s hypocrisy. They constantly accuse others of stealing their ideas and state themselves as innovators, yet for the last few years, they have stolen android features in every new iOS release. Not only have they stolen them though, they have implemented them in almost the exact same way. The lack of creativity is very frustrating.

    For example; Did they need to implement their notification center the exact same way as android in the pull down shade (WP for that matter too). Why not the corner? why not make tapping the time do it? Why not holding a key or double tapping etc.?

    The latest actionable notifications are also a direct result of android. It is mind boggling.

    1. Yes because those features were so original nobody would have came to them as logical conclusions. Apple isn’t copying android so much as it is rolling out stuff they designed on Newton, Palm back in 1997, or what they acquired in PalmOS card interface in 2006.

      Custom keyboards? Dashboard Widgets? Interoperability between apps? All things that are far and above awesome in OS X now moving to iOS.

      Notification drawer patents will pull down were actually patented by Apple BEFORE the iPhone launched so it’s not copying android.

      Not that it matters. These are logical conclusions anyone creating an interface would come too.

      1. So many things wrong with your reply I don’t know where to start. You are clearly drinking the Kool Aid.

        “Yes because those features were so original nobody would have came to them as logical conclusions”

        Are you actually kidding me? Half of these patents have been invalidated already in international courts because they are beyond ridiculous in how obvious they are. Pinch to zoom? How else would you expect to do it on a touch screen (invalidated). Slide to unlock? I am pretty sure I first saw this on my garden shed when I was three. Links to numbers/emails/etc in the browser? I would have never thought that clicking on a number to call it would be convenient lol.

        “Apple isn’t copying android so much as it is rolling out stuff they designed on Newton, Palm back in 1997, or what they acquired in PalmOS card interface in 2006.”

        Again…no….just so wrong.

        lets start:

        1. Control center. Don’t you think this is surprisingly similar to android quick settings?

        2. Extensibility – this is basically android intents api. It is exactly the same concept.

        3. Actionable notifications – ya, thats right, from Jellybean

        4. Custom keyboards – the ONLY mobile platform to support these up until today was android

        5. Browser Sync – First in chrome

        6. Quick reply to incoming calls (essentially pre built texts for replying when you can’t talk)

        7. The iOS7 (and now 8) lock screen is a complete rip off of ice cream sandwich

        8. Dynamic wallpaper

        9. Multitasking previews (although they were admittedly in WebOS first)

        10. Automatic app updates

        11. iCloud keychain – this was in chrome for android first

        12. Safari’s tab design is a complete rip off of chrome with the cover flow

        Way more but that is off the top of my head. Here is a link to point out a few of what I mentioned.


        “All things that are far and above awesome in OS X now moving to iOS.”

        These aren’t all things in OSX. That is a desktop OS, these are completely different implementations. OSX didn’t even have a real notification center until lion either.

        “Notification drawer patents will pull down were actually patented by Apple BEFORE the iPhone launched so it’s not copying android.”

        This one is just a flat out lie lol.


        Google patented this first and Apples implementation is almost identical. Right down to the horizontal grab bars at the bottom of the drawer ala gingerbread.



        Geez man. Do even a little research before spouting these things that you clearly know nothing about

      2. You’re way out of context with that reply, butt hurted?

  24. So… An android blog, calling “Android fanboy” Android useres because they say that Apple is showing features that exist in Android since ever as “innovation”

  25. why not just call it ”iCopy” Apple??

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