Samsung Galaxy Mega 7.0 leaks with faux leather backing, huge 7-inch display


Samsung Galaxy Mega 7.0 leak

If you thought last year’s Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 and 6.3 were blurring the lines between phone and tablet, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Mega 7.0 is looking to sh*t all over that. Leaked online for China Mobile thanks to a 3rd party case manufacturer, this Samsung Galaxy Mega followup (SM-T2558 and SM-T2556) is said to feature a whopping 7-inch 720p display, one that is sure to push the limits of your new skinny jeans.

Keep in mind the Mega has never been a power house. It’s merely a way for Samsung to tackle the affordable phablet market, one that is currently left wide open by smartphone OEMs. Other specs for the Mega 7.0 include a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 1.5GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage. You can see from the leaked image above that Samsung will once again follow the “faux leather” design language made popular by their Note line.

No word on US availability or pricing, but knowing Samsung — they’ll have a Mega for every market. We’ll keep an eye out.

[Ortud | via GSMArena]

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  1. This will replace my Macbook Pro

    1. Not with them weak ass specs.

      1. How do you know what glasses he wears?

      2. Your name should be the reverse of what it is bruh

        1. Still LOL a day later……….

  2. Crazy.

    Those specs are really poor…

    1. Not really, not amazing by any means but they’ll get the job done. Better than the galaxy s3 or note 1, not as good as the Note 2 or s4. This isn’t the top end phablet like the Note 4 will be, this is the cheaper model.

      1. But probably still more expensive than the Nexus 7 with cell modems.

        1. Tru dat – the choice is between lower price and faster smoother pure Android or all the touch wiz features, features often win out with the general public though I’d go nexus in this case, TW only wins on a snapdragon 800+ or 2gb ram + handset… Love the Note 3 but any lower spec hardware I’d choose nexus / pure Android

    2. I had the mega 6.3 before the screen cracked, it didn’t have high end specs but I remember it ran quite smooth. Sure if you compared it side by side with a high end phone you would probably notice it is a little slower, but in real world use, not something that you would be bothered with.

  3. Ugh, this is horrible!!!

    Just look at that button arrangement.

  4. WTF!? Hail no. LoL!! They’re marketing this as a phone? Outta line.

    1. Welcome to the future!

      1. Welcome to the world of tomorrow!

  5. So basically they’re trying to call my Nexus 7 a phone…

    1. Minus the chunky bezels, yes. :P

      1. I can grip my G-PAD 8.3 one-handed.I suspect most could do the same w/this MEGA 7.0 easily.

        If you like huge phones,I say go for it.

  6. If I catch anybody using this to call someone I’ll personally stop, say “Ha Ha” just like Nelson from the Simpsons, and walk on.

  7. They make a bunch of devices just because.

    1. Not just because. Because if you make dozens of devices with their budgets and even a few sell somewhat well you’re making money. Because money.

  8. I understand big people need bigger phones but 92.5% of the time I see someone with a big ass phone they are below average height…

    1. 76% of statistics are made up on the spot.

      1. Four out of three people don’t understand statistics.

        1. Can’t argue with that logic.

  9. What a great phone, no more squinting while texting being the wheel……..

    1. This ain’t your phablet, this is your grandpa’s phablet.

  10. Redicurous.

    1. Herro!

  11. Price it right unlocked ..lot of sales

    1. Agreed. If I can get it unlocked and use it on a pay-as-you-go carrier it would be a solid LTE tablet, that is if it has LTE…

  12. “this Samsung Galaxy Mega followup (SM-T2558 and SM-T2556) is said to feature a whopping 7-inch 72op display”

    What is a 72op screen again? Sounds like HTC and their ultra pixels

  13. Dats a big ass phone.

      1. Hahaha! I have one! WiFi version of course.

      2. I have my 8.4 pro on t mobile also. Just a tablet with cell connectivity

      3. Haha

  14. Is it able to go back to the Android os? Or is it boot loader locked like the rest of Sammy’s products? That’s why I now own a Nexus. Might be atts decision on the boot loader lock though

    1. Oops wrong one

      1. Lol and no – unless the xda boys find a way, but officially no. I am happy with the tizen update, go for it

    2. Meant for the smart watch topic

    3. Bootloaders are completely sealed only on carrier versions of Samsung products like AT&T and Verizon. Their other phones are not locked down. Blame carriers for this. T-mobile phones, International unlocked phones of Samsung do not have their bootloaders locked.

  15. come on tmobile, get this phone…you didnt get the mega 6.3, so this time you need to get the mega 7…PLEASE!!!! this would be perfect as my ALL IN ONE DEVICE…and for all my unlimited data usage.

    1. Why not buy the metro branded mega?

  16. Not even LG would call that a phone. That’s a tablet that makes phone calls.

  17. I remember when the first Galaxy Tab came out running Froyo ! … Seems like yesterday

    1. Me too!

    2. in some countries the 3G version was actually a phone.

  18. ” Other specs for the Mega 7.0 include a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor, 1.5GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage”
    That’s clearly someone getting the recent mega confused with previous gen rumors. I know this is their “premium low end” phablet, but those specs were old at the end of 2012.

    The next Mega is more likely to sport 3GB RAM than 1.5GB, and an 801 rather than a 400-class. And clearly 8GB is ridiculous now that Samsung is producing single-NAND SD cards with 128GB of storage. — I imagine 64GB internal is more likely.

    1. This is meant to be a budget device. The specs you are listing are top tier.

      1. Yup. The mega line up is more budget oriented.

      2. I said that it was “premium low end” — which is what it is. Not actually budget, but definitely not top tier. 2-3GB is now standard on phones all the way down to the sub-$100 range, well below this phone. And 801s are top tier right now, but they are also done producing them. They are on 805’s now. Since this is a future phone, it shouldn’t be using a chipset that is older than 801 … or maybe an 800. As for storage, that’s the strogest argument of all. Samsung has 3 fabs that are sub-22nm, all of them having worked for at least a year. They don’t have 8GB anything lying around still.
        There’s an article on Korean site etnews that says that Samsung is moving on to 32-layer VNAND right now —for mass production, not tests. That previously they were on 24-layer. VNAND, in case you don’t know, is 3D silicon: it’s a new world. The “hot new” M.2 XP941 SSD gumstick that is 4 chips and 512GB — that is 16-layer VNAND .. which at this point is old stock. 128GB per chip (and yes bites, not bits ..) The new 32-layer VNAND should be at least 256GB per chip … that’s cutting edge. 64GB though, that is clearly yesteryear tech they have to sell off. So 64GB would make sense.
        Like I’m saying, I agree it is meant to be a bargain phone. But those specs are an old rumor about a previous mega. And someone just didn’t know the difference.

        1. Using your reasoning the Moto E should have come with 2GB of RAM running the Snapdragon 800 processor and 64GB of storage. OEM’s aren’t going to usurpe last year’s flagships (which they are still selling) by using the same hardware (or better) in this year’s budget devices. They aren’t going to equip this phone better than the S4 or Note 3, no matter what the cost of build materials.

          Edit: I know I referred to the new Mega as budget, when midrange is a more proper fit. This “premium low end” you speak of, I am unconvinced this is a real thing. Either way, I feel like my argument stands.

          1. well no, that’s not true. Motorola , so far as I know, doesn’t make any NAND chips. The Moto E is also likely twice as cheap.

        2. Bam. Took the words right out of my mouth.

  19. Stupid. Simply stupid.

  20. yeah….no thanks

  21. Great for media consumption but too big as an everyday driver. Looks like a China exclusive anyway, doubt it shows up in the States.

  22. Seems like samsung is determined to flood the market with every single device they can think of.

  23. Dat ass!

  24. Increase processor, ram, and pixels it will be a dream phone

    1. And then the price will increase itself

  25. “Snapdragon 400 processor, 1.5GB of RAM, and 8GB of internal storage.” But why?

  26. The Mega was a pretty cool phone; loved the size. Yes, it was a bit slow…but for the price point and the advantages, for all intents and purposes it was a good phone.

    Then I upgraded to the Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

  27. If it had a 1080 screen I would probably get one for my daughter. Tablet and a phone for when she needs to get a hold of me

  28. Good lord, kill it with fire

  29. Reading this on my Mega 6.3… Idk if specs are better than this I’ll probably get one.

  30. If this had better specs and a stylus I would consider it, lol. With small bezels I could make this work. My Note 3 is feeling kinda small…

    1. Amen!!!

  31. Incomplete Specs and features! Well, I
    have Galaxy Note 3 and pretty much satisfied with it as I am impressed with its
    3200mAh battery that after fully charged on qi wireless charger, runs
    throughout the day.

  32. Put the faux leather down and walk away slowly…

  33. Even THIS thing looks better than the GS5 by a mile. I’m still mad.

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